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Primary structure of the kinase domain region of rabbit skeletal and cardiac muscle titin. J Muscle Res Cell Motil 1996 Jun;17(3):343-8



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A 2.3 kb region of rabbit cardiac and skeletal muscle titin has been cloned. The cDNA sequences of the two tissues are identical and show 91% identity on the nucleotide level with the corresponding region of human cardiac muscle titin. On the amino acid level the identity is 96% and similarity is 98%. Alignment of predicted amino acid sequences of several homologous kinase domains reveals that the rabbit titin kinase has all the necessary elements of an active catalytic domain and carries a potential regulatory region on its C-terminal end. The distance of the 2.3 kb contig from the 3' end of the message was determined to be 5.7 kb in both tissues using oligonucleotide directed RNase H cleavage of titin mRNAs. This is essentially identical with the length of the fully sequenced human cardiac titin C-terminal end. It therefore appears unlikely that there are major tissue specific differences in this 8 kb cDNA region which encodes the C-terminus of rabbit skeletal and cardiac titin.

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SebestyƩn MG, Fritz JD, Wolff JA, Greaser ML


Jeffery Duane Fritz PhD Associate Professor in the Medical School Regional Campuses department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Amino Acid Sequence
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Caenorhabditis elegans
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Muscle, Skeletal
Myosin-Light-Chain Kinase
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