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The HLA-A3, Cw6,B47,DR7 extended haplotypes in salt losing 21-hydroxylase deficiency and in the Old Order Amish: identical class I antigens and class II alleles with at least two crossover sites in the class III region. Tissue Antigens 1995 Sep;46(3 ( Pt 1)):163-72



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The HLA-B47,DR7 haplotype in congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency contains a deletion of most of the active CYP21 gene and the entire adjacent C4B gene. The C4A gene produces a protein which is electrophoretically C4A but antigenically C4B. In the Old Order Amish, the HLA-B47,DR7 haplotype contains no deletion, but is immunologically identical to the CAH haplotype in both areas flanking the crossover region. We compared some of the genes in the MHC Class II and Class III regions in the Amish and CAH-linked haplotypes to define further the relationships between the two. The complement factor B (Bf) proteins differed, but no Bf RFLPs were identified. The complement factor 2 genes exhibited different BamHI RFLPs. Analyses of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha genes revealed the same NcoI restriction patterns. The RD genes contained microsatellites of the same size. Portions of the MHC Class II DR and DQ, and Class III CYP21 and C4 alleles were sequenced. The exon 2 sequences of DQ2 and DR7 were identical in the two haplotypes. In the Amish haplotype, both CYP21 and C4 gene pairs were present and functionally normal. The CAH haplotype had two sequence crossovers: from CYP21P to CYP21 in the 7th intron, and from C4A to C4B between codons 1106 (exon 26) and 1157 (exon 28). A model is proposed which accounts for the CAH-linked mutant haplotype arising from a nonmutant homologue via three crossings-over.

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Donohoue PA, Guethlein L, Collins MM, Van Dop C, Migeon CJ, Bias WB, Schmeckpeper BJ


Patricia A. Donohoue MD Chief, Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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