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Shaker-related voltage-gated K+ channel expression and vasomotor function in human coronary resistance arteries. Microcirculation 2018 01;25(1)



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OBJECTIVES: KV channels are important regulators of vascular tone, but the identity of specific KV channels involved and their regulation in disease remain less well understood. We determined the expression of KV 1 channel subunits and their role in cAMP-mediated dilation in coronary resistance arteries from subjects with and without CAD.

METHODS: HCAs from patients with and without CAD were assessed for mRNA and protein expression of KV 1 channel subunits with molecular techniques and for vasodilator response with isolated arterial myography.

RESULTS: Assays of mRNA transcripts, membrane protein expression, and vascular cell-specific localization revealed abundant expression of KV 1.5 in vascular smooth muscle cells of non-CAD HCAs. Isoproterenol and forskolin, two distinct cAMP-mediated vasodilators, induced potent dilation of non-CAD arterioles, which was inhibited by both the general KV blocker 4-AP and the selective KV 1.5 blocker DPO-1. The cAMP-mediated dilation was reduced in CAD and was accompanied by a loss of or reduced contribution of 4-AP-sensitive KV channels.

CONCLUSIONS: KV 1.5, as a major 4-AP-sensitive KV 1 channel expressed in coronary VSMCs, mediates cAMP-mediated dilation in non-CAD arterioles. The cAMP-mediated dilation is reduced in CAD coronary arterioles, which is associated with impaired 4-AP-sensitive KV channel function.

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Nishijima Y, Korishettar A, Chabowski DS, Cao S, Zheng X, Gutterman DD, Zhang DX


David D. Gutterman MD Sr Associate Director, Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin
David X. Zhang MD, PhD Associate Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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