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Publications indexed to the term Cholecystography

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3HIDA, percutaneous transhepatic cholecysto-cholangiography and liver biopsy in infants with persistent jaundice: can a combination of PTCC and liver biopsy reduce unnecessary laparotomy? (Jensen MK, Biank VF, Moe DC, Simpson PM, Li SH, Telega GW) Pediatr Radiol 2012 Jan;42(1):32-9       16 Citations
1Acquired malposition of the colon and gallbladder in patients with cirrhosis: CT findings and clinical implications. (Gore RM, Ghahremani GG, Joseph AE, Nemcek AA Jr, Marn CS, Vogelzang RL) Radiology 1989 Jun;171(3):739-42       18 Citations