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Publications indexed to the term Chromosome Banding

1The first patient with tandem duplication of 6q14q16: Molecular and phenotypic characterization. (Sanmann JN, Casas KA, Bevilacqua J, Bishay DL, Clark T, Van Dyke AZ, Leiferman PC, Reddi HV, Starr LJ) Am J Med Genet A 2016 09;170(9):2416-20       2 Citations
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1Centromeric instability of chromosome 1 resulting in multibranched chromosomes, telomeric fusions, and "jumping translocations" of 1q in a human immunodeficiency virus-related non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. (Sawyer JR, Swanson CM, Koller MA, North PE, Ross SW) Cancer 1995 Oct 01;76(7):1238-44       38 Citations
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