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Publications indexed to the term Cloning, Molecular

1Isolation and Analysis of Mitochondrial Fission Enzyme DNM1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (Kennedy NW, Picton LK, Hill RB) Methods Mol Biol 2020;2159:3-15    
1Unique pharmacological properties of serotoninergic G-protein coupled receptors from cestodes. (Camicia F, Celentano AM, Johns ME, Chan JD, Maldonado L, Vaca H, Di Siervi N, Kamentezky L, Gamo AM, Ortega-Gutierrez S, Martin-Fontecha M, Davio C, Marchant JS, Rosenzvit MC) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2018 02;12(2):e0006267       12 Citations
1Cloning, Expression, and Purification of the Glycosylated Transmembrane Protein, Cation-Dependent Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor, from Sf9 Cells Using the Baculovirus System. (Olson LJ, Dahms NM) Methods Mol Biol 2018;1722:105-116       1 Citation
1Lipopolysaccharide binding to the periplasmic protein LptA. (Schultz KM, Lundquist TJ, Klug CS) Protein Sci 2017 Aug;26(8):1517-1523       17 Citations
1The iron-type nitrile hydratase activator protein is a GTPase. (Gumataotao N, Lankathilaka KP, Bennett B, Holz RC) Biochem J 2017 01 15;474(2):247-258       7 Citations
1Analysis of Heme Iron Coordination in DGCR8: The Heme-Binding Component of the Microprocessor Complex. (Girvan HM, Bradley JM, Cheesman MR, Kincaid JR, Liu Y, Czarnecki K, Fisher K, Leys D, Rigby SE, Munro AW) Biochemistry 2016 09 13;55(36):5073-83       5 Citations
1pH Induced Conformational Transitions in the Transforming Growth Factor β-Induced Protein (TGFβIp) Associated Corneal Dystrophy Mutants. (Murugan E, Venkatraman A, Lei Z, Mouvet V, Rui Yi Lim R, Muruganantham N, Goh E, Swee Lim Peh G, Beuerman RW, Chaurasia SS, Rajamani L, Mehta JS) Sci Rep 2016 Mar 31;6:23836       6 Citations
1Expression platforms for producing eukaryotic proteins: a comparison of E. coli cell-based and wheat germ cell-free synthesis, affinity and solubility tags, and cloning strategies. (Aceti DJ, Bingman CA, Wrobel RL, Frederick RO, Makino S, Nichols KW, Sahu SC, Bergeman LF, Blommel PG, Cornilescu CC, Gromek KA, Seder KD, Hwang S, Primm JG, Sabat G, Vojtik FC, Volkman BF, Zolnai Z, Phillips GN Jr, Markley JL, Fox BG) J Struct Funct Genomics 2015 Jun;16(2):67-80       6 Citations
1Novel alleles of the transforming growth factor β-1 regulatory region and exon 1. (Arrieta-Bolaños E, Madrigal JA, Shaw BE) Tissue Antigens 2015 Jun;85(6):484-91       1 Citation
2Shroom3 contributes to the maintenance of the glomerular filtration barrier integrity. (Yeo NC, O'Meara CC, Bonomo JA, Veth KN, Tomar R, Flister MJ, Drummond IA, Bowden DW, Freedman BI, Lazar J, Link BA, Jacob HJ) Genome Res 2015 Jan;25(1):57-65       35 Citations
1The role of biotin and oxamate in the carboxyltransferase reaction of pyruvate carboxylase. (Lietzan AD, Lin Y, St Maurice M) Arch Biochem Biophys 2014 Nov 15;562:70-9       8 Citations
1Circular dichroism and site-directed spin labeling reveal structural and dynamical features of high-pressure states of myoglobin. (Lerch MT, Horwitz J, McCoy J, Hubbell WL) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013 Dec 03;110(49):E4714-22       28 Citations
1Severing and end-to-end annealing of neurofilaments in neurons. (Uchida A, Çolakoğlu G, Wang L, Monsma PC, Brown A) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013 Jul 16;110(29):E2696-705       23 Citations
1Combinatorial pooling enables selective sequencing of the barley gene space. (Lonardi S, Duma D, Alpert M, Cordero F, Beccuti M, Bhat PR, Wu Y, Ciardo G, Alsaihati B, Ma Y, Wanamaker S, Resnik J, Bozdag S, Luo MC, Close TJ) PLoS Comput Biol 2013 Apr;9(4):e1003010       14 Citations
1Integrity of kindlin-2 FERM subdomains is required for supporting integrin activation. (Xu Z, Gao J, Hong J, Ma YQ) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2013 May 03;434(2):382-7       15 Citations
1Expression, purification and characterization of fourth FAS1 domain of TGFβIp-associated corneal dystrophic mutants. (Elavazhagan M, Lakshminarayanan R, Zhou L, Ting LW, Tong L, Beuerman RW, Chaurasia SS, Mehta JS) Protein Expr Purif 2012 Jul;84(1):108-15       12 Citations
1Hemophilia: an amazing 35-year journey from the depths of HIV to the threshold of cure. (White GC) Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc 2010;121:61-73; discussion 74-5       14 Citations
1An oleate-stimulated, phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate-independent phospholipase D in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. (Harkins AL, Yuan G, London SD, Dolan JW) FEMS Yeast Res 2010 Sep;10(6):717-26       4 Citations
1The ADPKD genes pkd1a/b and pkd2 regulate extracellular matrix formation. (Mangos S, Lam PY, Zhao A, Liu Y, Mudumana S, Vasilyev A, Liu A, Drummond IA) Dis Model Mech 2010 May-Jun;3(5-6):354-65       78 Citations
1Sequencing and characterization of the porcine α-galactosidase A gene: towards the generation of a porcine model for Fabry disease. (Yoshimitsu M, Higuchi K, Fan X, Takao S, Medin JA, Tei C, Takenaka T) Mol Biol Rep 2011 Jun;38(5):3145-52       1 Citation
1An ancestral deuterostome family of two-pore channels mediates nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate-dependent calcium release from acidic organelles. (Brailoiu E, Hooper R, Cai X, Brailoiu GC, Keebler MV, Dun NJ, Marchant JS, Patel S) J Biol Chem 2010 Jan 29;285(5):2897-901       87 Citations
1Sequence variation and expression of the Gimap gene family in the BB rat. (Rutledge EA, Fuller JM, Van Yserloo B, Moralejo DH, Ettinger RA, Gaur P, Hoehna JL, Peterson MR, Jensen R, Kwitek AE, Lernmark A) Exp Diabetes Res 2009;2009:835650       9 Citations
1Characterization of the A2B adenosine receptor from mouse, rabbit, and dog. (Auchampach JA, Kreckler LM, Wan TC, Maas JE, van der Hoeven D, Gizewski E, Narayanan J, Maas GE) J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2009 Apr;329(1):2-13       31 Citations
1Monitoring the temporal and spatial distribution of RNA in living yeast cells. (Long RM, Urbinati CR) Methods Mol Biol 2008;419:187-96    
1Double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase PKR of fishes and amphibians: varying the number of double-stranded RNA binding domains and lineage-specific duplications. (Rothenburg S, Deigendesch N, Dey M, Dever TE, Tazi L) BMC Biol 2008 Mar 03;6:12       62 Citations
1Age-related decrease in 15-lipoxygenase contributes to reduced vasorelaxation in rabbit aorta. (Tang X, Aggarwal N, Holmes BB, Kuhn H, Campbell WB) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2008 Feb;294(2):H679-87       6 Citations
1Molecular characterization of a novel intracellular ADP-ribosyl cyclase. (Churamani D, Boulware MJ, Geach TJ, Martin AC, Moy GW, Su YH, Vacquier VD, Marchant JS, Dale L, Patel S) PLoS One 2007 Aug 29;2(8):e797       27 Citations
1Expression pattern for unc5b, an axon guidance gene in embryonic zebrafish development. (Kaur S, Abu-Asab MS, Singla S, Yeo SY, Ramchandran R) Gene Expr 2007;13(6):321-7       4 Citations
1Flavobacterium johnsoniae SprA is a cell surface protein involved in gliding motility. (Nelson SS, Glocka PP, Agarwal S, Grimm DP, McBride MJ) J Bacteriol 2007 Oct;189(19):7145-50       31 Citations
1Structures of Clostridium botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Light Chain complexed with small-molecule inhibitors highlight active-site flexibility. (Silvaggi NR, Boldt GE, Hixon MS, Kennedy JP, Tzipori S, Janda KD, Allen KN) Chem Biol 2007 May;14(5):533-42       106 Citations
1The metallo-beta-lactamase GOB is a mono-Zn(II) enzyme with a novel active site. (Morán-Barrio J, González JM, Lisa MN, Costello AL, Peraro MD, Carloni P, Bennett B, Tierney DL, Limansky AS, Viale AM, Vila AJ) J Biol Chem 2007 Jun 22;282(25):18286-18293       63 Citations
1Regulators of expression of the oligopeptide permease A proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi. (Medrano MS, Ding Y, Wang XG, Lu P, Coburn J, Hu LT) J Bacteriol 2007 Apr;189(7):2653-9       41 Citations
1Cloning and characterization of zebrafish (Danio rerio) cyclin-dependent kinase 5. (Kanungo J, Li BS, Goswami M, Zheng YL, Ramchandran R, Pant HC) Neurosci Lett 2007 Feb 02;412(3):233-8       15 Citations
2On-column refolding of recombinant chemokines for NMR studies and biological assays. (Veldkamp CT, Peterson FC, Hayes PL, Mattmiller JE, Haugner JC 3rd, de la Cruz N, Volkman BF) Protein Expr Purif 2007 Mar;52(1):202-9       29 Citations
2Mutations in laminin alpha 1 result in complex, lens-independent ocular phenotypes in zebrafish. (Semina EV, Bosenko DV, Zinkevich NC, Soules KA, Hyde DR, Vihtelic TS, Willer GB, Gregg RG, Link BA) Dev Biol 2006 Nov 01;299(1):63-77       50 Citations
1Targeted expression of Kir6.2 in mitochondria confers protection against hypoxic stress. (Ljubkovic M, Marinovic J, Fuchs A, Bosnjak ZJ, Bienengraeber M) J Physiol 2006 Nov 15;577(Pt 1):17-29       22 Citations
1The X-ray crystal structures of human alpha-phosphomannomutase 1 reveal the structural basis of congenital disorder of glycosylation type 1a. (Silvaggi NR, Zhang C, Lu Z, Dai J, Dunaway-Mariano D, Allen KN) J Biol Chem 2006 May 26;281(21):14918-26       52 Citations
1Robo4 signaling in endothelial cells implies attraction guidance mechanisms. (Kaur S, Castellone MD, Bedell VM, Konar M, Gutkind JS, Ramchandran R) J Biol Chem 2006 Apr 21;281(16):11347-56       73 Citations
1Unique substrate recognition by botulinum neurotoxins serotypes A and E. (Chen S, Barbieri JT) J Biol Chem 2006 Apr 21;281(16):10906-11       84 Citations
1Transgenic expression of a dominant-negative ASIC3 subunit leads to increased sensitivity to mechanical and inflammatory stimuli. (Mogil JS, Breese NM, Witty MF, Ritchie J, Rainville ML, Ase A, Abbadi N, Stucky CL, Séguéla P) J Neurosci 2005 Oct 26;25(43):9893-901       103 Citations
1Purification and characterization of the L-Ara4N transferase protein ArnT from Salmonella typhimurium. (Bretscher LE, Morrell MT, Funk AL, Klug CS) Protein Expr Purif 2006 Mar;46(1):33-9       11 Citations
1Structural studies on a mitochondrial glyoxalase II. (Marasinghe GP, Sander IM, Bennett B, Periyannan G, Yang KW, Makaroff CA, Crowder MW) J Biol Chem 2005 Dec 09;280(49):40668-75       59 Citations
1Identification of a novel secreted protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa that causes corneal erosions. (Marquart ME, Caballero AR, Chomnawang M, Thibodeaux BA, Twining SS, O'Callaghan RJ) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2005 Oct;46(10):3761-8       66 Citations
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1Cloning, sequencing and characterization of lentiviral-mediated expression of rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) interleukin-2 receptor alpha cDNA. (Silvertown JD, Walia JS, Medin JA) Dev Comp Immunol 2005;29(11):989-1002       2 Citations
1The yeast F(1)F(0)-ATP synthase: analysis of the molecular organization of subunit g and the importance of a conserved GXXXG motif. (Saddar S, Stuart RA) J Biol Chem 2005 Jul 01;280(26):24435-42       35 Citations
1roundabout4 is essential for angiogenesis in vivo. (Bedell VM, Yeo SY, Park KW, Chung J, Seth P, Shivalingappa V, Zhao J, Obara T, Sukhatme VP, Drummond IA, Li DY, Ramchandran R) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005 May 03;102(18):6373-8       170 Citations
1Zebrafish pitx3 is necessary for normal lens and retinal development. (Shi X, Bosenko DV, Zinkevich NS, Foley S, Hyde DR, Semina EV, Vihtelic TS) Mech Dev 2005 Apr;122(4):513-27       54 Citations
2Comparison of cell-based and cell-free protocols for producing target proteins from the Arabidopsis thaliana genome for structural studies. (Tyler RC, Aceti DJ, Bingman CA, Cornilescu CC, Fox BG, Frederick RO, Jeon WB, Lee MS, Newman CS, Peterson FC, Phillips GN Jr, Shahan MN, Singh S, Song J, Sreenath HK, Tyler EM, Ulrich EL, Vinarov DA, Vojtik FC, Volkman BF, Wrobel RL, Zhao Q, Markley JL) Proteins 2005 May 15;59(3):633-43       55 Citations
1Protocols for production of selenomethionine-labeled proteins in 2-L polyethylene terephthalate bottles using auto-induction medium. (Sreenath HK, Bingman CA, Buchan BW, Seder KD, Burns BT, Geetha HV, Jeon WB, Vojtik FC, Aceti DJ, Frederick RO, Phillips GN Jr, Fox BG) Protein Expr Purif 2005 Apr;40(2):256-67       96 Citations
1Cloning and characterization of mouse E2F8, a novel mammalian E2F family member capable of blocking cellular proliferation. (Maiti B, Li J, de Bruin A, Gordon F, Timmers C, Opavsky R, Patil K, Tuttle J, Cleghorn W, Leone G) J Biol Chem 2005 May 06;280(18):18211-20       144 Citations
1Molecular cloning, localization and circadian expression of chicken melanopsin (Opn4): differential regulation of expression in pineal and retinal cell types. (Chaurasia SS, Rollag MD, Jiang G, Hayes WP, Haque R, Natesan A, Zatz M, Tosini G, Liu C, Korf HW, Iuvone PM, Provencio I) J Neurochem 2005 Jan;92(1):158-70       154 Citations
1Critical roles of CD146 in zebrafish vascular development. (Chan B, Sinha S, Cho D, Ramchandran R, Sukhatme VP) Dev Dyn 2005 Jan;232(1):232-44       41 Citations
1Dimeric novel HSP40 is incorporated into the radial spoke complex during the assembly process in flagella. (Yang C, Compton MM, Yang P) Mol Biol Cell 2005 Feb;16(2):637-48       40 Citations
1A NotI-EcoRV promoter library for studies of genetic and epigenetic alterations in mouse models of human malignancies. (Yu L, Liu C, Bennett K, Wu YZ, Dai Z, Vandeusen J, Opavsky R, Raval A, Trikha P, Rodriguez B, Becknell B, Mao C, Lee S, Davuluri RV, Leone G, Van den Veyver IB, Caligiuri MA, Plass C) Genomics 2004 Oct;84(4):647-60       22 Citations
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1IC138 is a WD-repeat dynein intermediate chain required for light chain assembly and regulation of flagellar bending. (Hendrickson TW, Perrone CA, Griffin P, Wuichet K, Mueller J, Yang P, Porter ME, Sale WS) Mol Biol Cell 2004 Dec;15(12):5431-42       79 Citations
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1Local control of AMPA receptor trafficking at the postsynaptic terminal by a small GTPase of the Rab family. (Gerges NZ, Backos DS, Esteban JA) J Biol Chem 2004 Oct 15;279(42):43870-8       104 Citations
1Solution structure of a homodimeric hypothetical protein, At5g22580, a structural genomics target from Arabidopsis thaliana. (Cornilescu G, Cornilescu CC, Zhao Q, Frederick RO, Peterson FC, Thao S, Markley JL) J Biomol NMR 2004 Jul;29(3):387-90       7 Citations
1Maltose-binding protein is open in the catalytic transition state for ATP hydrolysis during maltose transport. (Austermuhle MI, Hall JA, Klug CS, Davidson AL) J Biol Chem 2004 Jul 02;279(27):28243-50       61 Citations
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1Flagellar radial spoke protein 2 is a calmodulin binding protein required for motility in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. (Yang P, Yang C, Sale WS) Eukaryot Cell 2004 Feb;3(1):72-81       46 Citations
1A WT1 co-regulator controls podocyte phenotype by shuttling between adhesion structures and nucleus. (Srichai MB, Konieczkowski M, Padiyar A, Konieczkowski DJ, Mukherjee A, Hayden PS, Kamat S, El-Meanawy MA, Khan S, Mundel P, Lee SB, Bruggeman LA, Schelling JR, Sedor JR) J Biol Chem 2004 Apr 02;279(14):14398-408       66 Citations
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1Identification, molecular characterization and expression of the gene encoding the epidermal growth factor receptor orthologue from the fox-tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis. (Spiliotis M, Kroner A, Brehm K) Gene 2003 Dec 24;323:57-65       47 Citations
1Positional cloning of the major quantitative trait locus underlying lung tumor susceptibility in mice. (Zhang Z, Futamura M, Vikis HG, Wang M, Li J, Wang Y, Guan KL, You M) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2003 Oct 28;100(22):12642-7       35 Citations
1Identification and characterization of E2F7, a novel mammalian E2F family member capable of blocking cellular proliferation. (de Bruin A, Maiti B, Jakoi L, Timmers C, Buerki R, Leone G) J Biol Chem 2003 Oct 24;278(43):42041-9       155 Citations
1CrkIII: a novel and biologically distinct member of the Crk family of adaptor proteins. (Prosser S, Sorokina E, Pratt P, Sorokin A) Oncogene 2003 Jul 31;22(31):4799-806       23 Citations
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1Localized recruitment of a chromatin-remodeling activity by an activator in vivo drives transcriptional elongation. (Corey LL, Weirich CS, Benjamin IJ, Kingston RE) Genes Dev 2003 Jun 01;17(11):1392-401       109 Citations
1Positional cloning of the young mutation identifies an essential role for the Brahma chromatin remodeling complex in mediating retinal cell differentiation. (Gregg RG, Willer GB, Fadool JM, Dowling JE, Link BA) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2003 May 27;100(11):6535-40       76 Citations
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1[Cloning, expression of the gI gene of pseudorabies virus ea strain and its effection to viral replication]. (Xiao S, Fang L, Wang G, Chen H, Hong W) Wei Sheng Wu Xue Bao 2002 Jun;42(3):281-7    
1Buffered non-fermenter system for lab-scale production of secreted recombinant His-tagged proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (Ngamkitidechakul C, Twining SS) Biotechniques 2002 Dec;33(6):1296-300       10 Citations
1The calcium-binding protein of Entamoeba histolytica as a fusion partner for expression of peptides in Escherichia coli. (Reddi H, Bhattacharya A, Kumar V) Biotechnol Appl Biochem 2002 12;36(3):213-8       4 Citations
1Deamidation, but not truncation, decreases the urea stability of a lens structural protein, betaB1-crystallin. (Kim YH, Kapfer DM, Boekhorst J, Lubsen NH, Bächinger HP, Shearer TR, David LL, Feix JB, Lampi KJ) Biochemistry 2002 Nov 26;41(47):14076-84       65 Citations
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1Molecular cloning and sequencing of the human heme-regulated eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha (eIF-2 alpha) kinase from bone marrow culture. (Omasa T, Chen YG, Mantalaris A, Tsai YC, Wu JH) DNA Seq 2002 Jun;13(3):133-7       4 Citations
1In vivo and in vitro phosphorylation at Ser-493 in the glutamate (E)-segment of neurofilament-H subunit by glycogen synthase kinase 3beta. (Sasaki T, Taoka M, Ishiguro K, Uchida A, Saito T, Isobe T, Hisanaga S) J Biol Chem 2002 Sep 27;277(39):36032-9       29 Citations
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1Evaluating molar CYP1A level in fish hepatic microsomes by competitive ELISA using recombinant membrane-free CYP1A standard protein. (Tom M, Myers CR, Waterman MR) Aquat Toxicol 2002 Sep 10;59(1-2):101-14       15 Citations
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1Mlo, a modulator of plant defense and cell death, is a novel calmodulin-binding protein. Isolation and characterization of a rice Mlo homologue. (Kim MC, Lee SH, Kim JK, Chun HJ, Choi MS, Chung WS, Moon BC, Kang CH, Park CY, Yoo JH, Kang YH, Koo SC, Koo YD, Jung JC, Kim ST, Schulze-Lefert P, Lee SY, Cho MJ) J Biol Chem 2002 May 31;277(22):19304-14       101 Citations
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1A cDNA from human bone marrow encoding a protein exhibiting homology to the ATP1gamma1/PLM/MAT8 family of transmembrane proteins. (Omasa T, Chen YG, Mantalaris A, Wu JH) Biochim Biophys Acta 2001 Jan 26;1517(2):307-10       2 Citations
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