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Publications indexed to the term Cytidine

1Molnupiravir for Oral Treatment of Covid-19 in Nonhospitalized Patients. (Jayk Bernal A, Gomes da Silva MM, Musungaie DB, Kovalchuk E, Gonzalez A, Delos Reyes V, Martín-Quirós A, Caraco Y, Williams-Diaz A, Brown ML, Du J, Pedley A, Assaid C, Strizki J, Grobler JA, Shamsuddin HH, Tipping R, Wan H, Paschke A, Butterton JR, Johnson MG, De Anda C, MOVe-OUT Study Group) N Engl J Med 2022 Feb 10;386(6):509-520       870 Citations
1Phase I dose-escalating study of TAS-106 in combination with carboplatin in patients with solid tumors. (Naing A, Fu S, Zinner RG, Wheler JJ, Hong DS, Arakawa K, Falchook GS, Kurzrock R) Invest New Drugs 2014 Feb;32(1):154-9       7 Citations