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Publications indexed to the term Quinazolines

1Partial agonist activity of α1-adrenergic receptor antagonists for chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 and atypical chemokine receptor 3. (Gao X, Abdelkarim H, Albee LJ, Volkman BF, Gaponenko V, Majetschak M) PLoS One 2018;13(9):e0204041    
2Vandetanib and cabozantinib potentiate mitochondria-targeted agents to suppress medullary thyroid carcinoma cells. (Starenki D, Hong SK, Wu PK, Park JI) Cancer Biol Ther 2017 Jul 03;18(7):473-483       9 Citations
1Thymidylate Limitation Potentiates Cephalosporin Activity toward Enterococci via an Exopolysaccharide-Based Mechanism. (Hoff JS, Kristich CJ) ACS Chem Biol 2016 06 17;11(6):1561-8       5 Citations
2Inhibition of IGF1R signaling abrogates resistance to afatinib (BIBW2992) in EGFR T790M mutant lung cancer cells. (Lee Y, Wang Y, James M, Jeong JH, You M) Mol Carcinog 2016 May;55(5):991-1001       29 Citations
1Mitochondria-targeted nitroxide, Mito-CP, suppresses medullary thyroid carcinoma cell survival in vitro and in vivo. (Starenki D, Park JI) J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2013 Apr;98(4):1529-40       30 Citations
1Epidermal growth factor regulates hematopoietic regeneration after radiation injury. (Doan PL, Himburg HA, Helms K, Russell JL, Fixsen E, Quarmyne M, Harris JR, Deoliviera D, Sullivan JM, Chao NJ, Kirsch DG, Chute JP) Nat Med 2013 Mar;19(3):295-304       104 Citations
1RTOG 0211: a phase 1/2 study of radiation therapy with concurrent gefitinib for newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients. (Chakravarti A, Wang M, Robins HI, Lautenschlaeger T, Curran WJ, Brachman DG, Schultz CJ, Choucair A, Dolled-Filhart M, Christiansen J, Gustavson M, Molinaro A, Mischel P, Dicker AP, Bredel M, Mehta M) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2013 Apr 01;85(5):1206-11       76 Citations
1A phase II study of lapatinib in recurrent/metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. (de Souza JA, Davis DW, Zhang Y, Khattri A, Seiwert TY, Aktolga S, Wong SJ, Kozloff MF, Nattam S, Lingen MW, Kunnavakkam R, Stenson KM, Blair EA, Bozeman J, Dancey JE, Vokes EE, Cohen EE) Clin Cancer Res 2012 Apr 15;18(8):2336-43       84 Citations
2Modulation of gene expression and cell-cycle signaling pathways by the EGFR inhibitor gefitinib (Iressa) in rat urinary bladder cancer. (Lu Y, Liu P, Van den Bergh F, Zellmer V, James M, Wen W, Grubbs CJ, Lubet RA, You M) Cancer Prev Res (Phila) 2012 Feb;5(2):248-59       13 Citations
1A chemical probe selectively inhibits G9a and GLP methyltransferase activity in cells. (Vedadi M, Barsyte-Lovejoy D, Liu F, Rival-Gervier S, Allali-Hassani A, Labrie V, Wigle TJ, Dimaggio PA, Wasney GA, Siarheyeva A, Dong A, Tempel W, Wang SC, Chen X, Chau I, Mangano TJ, Huang XP, Simpson CD, Pattenden SG, Norris JL, Kireev DB, Tripathy A, Edwards A, Roth BL, Janzen WP, Garcia BA, Petronis A, Ellis J, Brown PJ, Frye SV, Arrowsmith CH, Jin J) Nat Chem Biol 2011 Jul 10;7(8):566-74    
1Bexarotene plus erlotinib suppress lung carcinogenesis independent of KRAS mutations in two clinical trials and transgenic models. (Dragnev KH, Ma T, Cyrus J, Galimberti F, Memoli V, Busch AM, Tsongalis GJ, Seltzer M, Johnstone D, Erkmen CP, Nugent W, Rigas JR, Liu X, Freemantle SJ, Kurie JM, Waxman S, Dmitrovsky E) Cancer Prev Res (Phila) 2011 Jun;4(6):818-28       42 Citations
1Efficacy of the EGFr inhibitor Iressa on development of chemically-induced urinary bladder cancers: dose dependency and modulation of biomarkers. (Lubet RA, Lu Y, Bode AM, You M, Verney ZM, Steele VE, Townsend R, Juliana MM, Grubbs CJ) Oncol Rep 2011 May;25(5):1389-97       8 Citations
1Enhanced radiosensitivity of androgen-resistant prostate cancer: AZD1152-mediated Aurora kinase B inhibition. (Niermann KJ, Moretti L, Giacalone NJ, Sun Y, Schleicher SM, Kopsombut P, Mitchell LR, Kim KW, Lu B) Radiat Res 2011 Apr;175(4):444-51       25 Citations
1Targeting endoplasmic reticulum stress and Akt with OSU-03012 and gefitinib or erlotinib to overcome resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors. (Wang YC, Kulp SK, Wang D, Yang CC, Sargeant AM, Hung JH, Kashida Y, Yamaguchi M, Chang GD, Chen CS) Cancer Res 2008 Apr 15;68(8):2820-30       40 Citations
1SCH 79797, a selective PAR1 antagonist, limits myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat hearts. (Strande JL, Hsu A, Su J, Fu X, Gross GJ, Baker JE) Basic Res Cardiol 2007 Jul;102(4):350-8       81 Citations
1Effect of an epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor in mouse models of lung cancer. (Yan Y, Lu Y, Wang M, Vikis H, Yao R, Wang Y, Lubet RA, You M) Mol Cancer Res 2006 Dec;4(12):971-81       27 Citations
1Increased toxicity with gefitinib, capecitabine, and radiation therapy in pancreatic and rectal cancer: phase I trial results. (Czito BG, Willett CG, Bendell JC, Morse MA, Tyler DS, Fernando NH, Mantyh CR, Blobe GC, Honeycutt W, Yu D, Clary BM, Pappas TN, Ludwig KA, Hurwitz HI) J Clin Oncol 2006 Feb 01;24(4):656-62       122 Citations
2Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibition is not protective in PCK rats. (Torres VE, Sweeney WE Jr, Wang X, Qian Q, Harris PC, Frost P, Avner ED) Kidney Int 2004 Nov;66(5):1766-73       60 Citations
1A phase II study to determine the efficacy and tolerability of intravenous ZD9331 in heavily pretreated patients with ovarian cancer. (Rader JS, Clarke-Pearson D, Moore M, Carson L, Holloway R, Kao MS, Wiznitzer I, Douglass EC) Gynecol Oncol 2003 Nov;91(2):318-25       13 Citations
2EGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibition attenuates the development of PKD in Han:SPRD rats. (Torres VE, Sweeney WE Jr, Wang X, Qian Q, Harris PC, Frost P, Avner ED) Kidney Int 2003 Nov;64(5):1573-9       108 Citations
1Epidermal growth factor receptor-independent constitutive activation of STAT3 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is mediated by the autocrine/paracrine stimulation of the interleukin 6/gp130 cytokine system. (Sriuranpong V, Park JI, Amornphimoltham P, Patel V, Nelkin BD, Gutkind JS) Cancer Res 2003 Jun 01;63(11):2948-56       218 Citations
1Cytochrome P450 2C9-derived epoxyeicosatrienoic acids induce angiogenesis via cross-talk with the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). (Michaelis UR, Fisslthaler B, Medhora M, Harder D, Fleming I, Busse R) FASEB J 2003 Apr;17(6):770-2       142 Citations
2Treatment of polycystic kidney disease with a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor. (Sweeney WE, Chen Y, Nakanishi K, Frost P, Avner ED) Kidney Int 2000 Jan;57(1):33-40       179 Citations
2In vitro modulation of cyst formation by a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor. (Sweeney WE, Futey L, Frost P, Avner ED) Kidney Int 1999 Aug;56(2):406-13       43 Citations
1Prazosin versus propranolol plus prazosin: a comparison in diuretic-treated hypertensive patients. (Kochar MS, Kalbfleisch JH, Blumenthal SS, Maierhofer WJ) Am J Cardiol 1984 Jan 27;53(3):55A-58A    
1Prazosin as initial antihypertensive therapy: correlates of sympathetic function. (Guthrie GP Jr, Koenig SH, Kotchen TA) Am J Cardiol 1984 Jan 27;53(3):29A-31A       7 Citations
1Effects of prazosin and clonidine on sympathetic and baroreflex function in patients with essential hypertension. (Guthrie GP Jr, Kotchen TA) J Clin Pharmacol 1983 Aug-Sep;23(8-9):348-54       11 Citations
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