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Publications indexed to the term Research Design

1Acceptability of Using Real-World Data to Estimate Relative Treatment Effects in Health Technology Assessments: Barriers and Future Steps. (Gomes M, Turner AJ, Sammon C, Dawoud D, Ramagopalan S, Simpson A, Siebert U) Value Health 2024 May;27(5):623-632    
1Increased healthcare utilization in the year before multiple sclerosis diagnosis. (Razzak AN, Hernandez RS, Salter A, Obeidat AZ) Mult Scler Relat Disord 2024 Mar;83:105438    
1Difficult-to-treat psoriatic arthritis (D2T PsA): a scoping literature review informing a GRAPPA research project. (Singla S, Ribeiro A, Torgutalp M, Mease PJ, Proft F) RMD Open 2024 Jan 08;10(1)       4 Citations
2Ensuring Intervention Fidelity of an Attention Control Arm in a Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial. (Newman AR, Moody KM, Becktell K, Connelly E, Holladay C, Parisio K, Powell JL, Steineck A, Hendricks-Ferguson VL) Nurs Res 2024 Mar-Apr 01;73(2):166-171    
1Diversity, equity, and inclusivity in observational ambulatory assessment: Recommendations from two decades of Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR) research. (Kaplan DM, Tidwell CA, Chung JM, Alisic E, Demiray B, Bruni M, Evora S, Gajewski-Nemes JA, Macbeth A, Mangelsdorf SN, Mascaro JS, Minor KS, Noga RN, Nugent NR, Polsinelli AJ, Rentscher KE, Resnikoff AW, Robbins ML, Slatcher RB, Tejeda-Padron AB, Mehl MR) Behav Res Methods 2024 Apr;56(4):3207-3225       1 Citation
2Statistical rules for safety monitoring in clinical trials. (Martens MJ, Logan BR) Clin Trials 2024 Apr;21(2):152-161    
1Mixed methods in community psychology: A values-forward synthesis. (Javdani S, Larsen SE, Allen NE, Blackburn AM, Griffin B, Rieger A) Am J Community Psychol 2023 Dec;72(3-4):355-365       1 Citation
2Sample size and power determination for multiparameter evaluation in nonlinear regression models with potential stratification. (Martens MJ, Kim S, Ahn KW) Biometrics 2023 Dec;79(4):3916-3928    
2Worldwide sources of data in haematology: Importance of clinician-biostatistician collaboration. (Page KM, Spellman SR, Logan BR) Best Pract Res Clin Haematol 2023 Jun;36(2):101450    
4A Mixed-Methods Feasibility Study: Eliciting ICU Experiences and Measuring Outcomes of Family Caregivers of Patients Who Have Undergone Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. (McAndrew NS, Erickson J, Hetland B, Guttormson J, Patel J, Wallace L, Visotcky A, Banerjee A, Applebaum AJ) J Fam Nurs 2023 Aug;29(3):227-247       1 Citation
1Developing a National Trauma Research Action Plan: Results from the long-term outcomes research gap Delphi survey. (Herrera-Escobar JP, Reidy E, Phuong J, Brasel KJ, Cuschieri J, Fallat M, Potter BK, Price MA, Bulger EM, Haider AH, Bonne S, Brasel KJ, Cuschieri J, de Roon-Cassini T, Dicker RA, Fallat M, Ficke JR, Gabbe B, Gibran NS, Heinemann AW, Ho V, Kao LS, Kellam JF, Kurowski BG, Levy-Carrick NC, Livingston D, Mandell SP, Manley GT, Michetti CP, Miller AN, Newcomb A, Okonkwo D, Potter BK, Seamon M, Stein D, Wagner AK, Whyte J, Yonclas P, Zatzick D, Zielinski MD, NTRAP Long-term Outcomes Panel) J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2022 Dec 01;93(6):854-862       3 Citations
1Practical notes on popular statistical tests in renal physiology. (Mamenko M, Lysikova DV, Spires DR, Tarima SS, Ilatovskaya DV) Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2022 Oct 01;323(4):F389-F400       4 Citations
2Real-world implementation evaluation of an electronic health record-integrated consumer informatics tool that collects patient-generated contextual data. (Holt JM, Spanbauer C, Cusatis R, Winn AN, Talsma A, Asan O, Somai M, Hanson R, Moore J, Makoul G, Crotty BH) Int J Med Inform 2022 Sep;165:104810       1 Citation
1Development of a core measurement set for research in degenerative cervical myelopathy: a study protocol (AO Spine RECODE-DCM CMS). (Davies BM, Yanez Touzet A, Mowforth OD, Lee KS, Khan D, Furlan JC, Fehlings MG, Harrop JS, Zipser CM, Rodrigues-Pinto R, Milligan J, Sarewitz E, Curt A, Rahimi-Movaghar V, Aarabi B, Boerger TF, Tetreault L, Chen R, Guest JD, Kalsi-Ryan S, Sadler I, Widdop S, McNair AGK, Kwon BK, Kotter MRN, AO Spine RECODE-DCM Steering Committee) BMJ Open 2022 Jun 09;12(6):e060436       8 Citations
1Discussion on "Adaptive enrichment designs with a continuous biomarker" by Nigel Stallard. (Flournoy N, Tarima S) Biometrics 2023 Mar;79(1):31-35       4 Citations
1Association of differential expression of immunoregulatory molecules and presence of targetable mutations may inform rational design of clinical trials. (Szeto CW, Kurzrock R, Kato S, Goloubev A, Veerapaneni S, Preble A, Reddy SK, Adashek JJ) ESMO Open 2022 Feb;7(1):100396       10 Citations
2Prevalence of Race/Ethnicity Reporting in Light Chain (AL) Amyloidosis Clinical Research in the USA. (Lin M, Pezzin LE, Mohamedi A, Kansagra A, D'Souza A) J Racial Ethn Health Disparities 2023 Apr;10(2):644-650       1 Citation
2A calibrated Bayesian method for the stratified proportional hazards model with missing covariates. (Kim S, Kim JK, Ahn KW) Lifetime Data Anal 2022 Apr;28(2):169-193    
2Competing risks regression models with covariates-adjusted censoring weight under the generalized case-cohort design. (Xu Y, Kim S, Zhang MJ, Couper D, Ahn KW) Lifetime Data Anal 2022 Apr;28(2):241-262       2 Citations
5Characterization of Underrepresented Populations in Modern Era Clinical Trials Involving Radiation Therapy. (Bero EH, Rein LE, Banerjee A, Straza MW, Lawton CAF, Schultz CJ, Erickson BA, Siker ML, Hall WA) Pract Radiat Oncol 2021;11(6):453-459       6 Citations
1Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cardiovascular Science: Anticipating Problems and Potential Solutions: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association. (McNally EM, Elkind MSV, Benjamin IJ, Chung MK, Dillon GH, Hernandez AF, Ibeh C, Lloyd-Jones DM, McCullough LD, Wold LE, Wright DR, Wu JC) Circulation 2021 Dec 07;144(23):e461-e471       12 Citations
1Mixture Model Framework for Traumatic Brain Injury Prognosis Using Heterogeneous Clinical and Outcome Data. (Kaplan AD, Cheng Q, Mohan KA, Nelson LD, Jain S, Levin H, Torres-Espin A, Chou A, Huie JR, Ferguson AR, McCrea M, Giacino J, Sundaram S, Markowitz AJ, Manley GT) IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2022 Mar;26(3):1285-1296       2 Citations
2Scoring the Life Events Checklist: Comparison of three scoring methods. (Weis CN, Webb EK, Stevens SK, Larson CL, deRoon-Cassini TA) Psychol Trauma 2022 May;14(4):714-720       27 Citations
1Moving Beyond 3+3: The Future of Clinical Trial Design. (Kurzrock R, Lin CC, Wu TC, Hobbs BP, Pestana RC MD, Hong DS) Am Soc Clin Oncol Educ Book 2021 Jun;41:e133-e144    
1STROBE Reporting Guidelines for Observational Studies. (Ghaferi AA, Schwartz TA, Pawlik TM) JAMA Surg 2021 Jun 01;156(6):577-578       207 Citations
1ISPOR Reporting Guidelines for Comparative Effectiveness Research. (Massarweh NN, Haukoos JS, Ghaferi AA) JAMA Surg 2021 Jul 01;156(7):673-674       7 Citations
1Effective Use of Reporting Guidelines to Improve the Quality of Surgical Research. (Brooke BS, Ghaferi AA, Kibbe MR) JAMA Surg 2021 Jun 01;156(6):515-516       11 Citations
1A novel preference-informed complementary trial (PICT) design for clinical trial research influenced by strong patient preferences. (Ali S, Hopkin G, Poonai N, Richer L, Yaskina M, Heath A, Klassen TP, McCabe C, KidsCAN PERC Innovative Pediatric Clinical Trials No OUCH Study Group, KidsCAN PERC Innovative Pediatric Clinical Trials Methods Core) Trials 2021 Mar 12;22(1):206       6 Citations
1Balancing clinical evidence in the context of a pandemic. (Adashek JJ, Kurzrock R) Nat Biotechnol 2021 Mar;39(3):270-274       6 Citations
1Medicinae investigationis, quo vadis? (Ioachimescu OC) J Investig Med 2021 Jan;69(1):2-3    
2A unified approach to sample size and power determination for testing parameters in generalized linear and time-to-event regression models. (Martens MJ, Logan BR) Stat Med 2021 Feb 28;40(5):1121-1132       7 Citations
1Resampling-based stepwise multiple testing procedures with applications to clinical trial data. (He J, Li F, Gao Y, Rothmann M) Pharm Stat 2021 Mar;20(2):297-313       2 Citations
1Machine learning model to predict oncologic outcomes for drugs in randomized clinical trials. (Schperberg AV, Boichard A, Tsigelny IF, Richard SB, Kurzrock R) Int J Cancer 2020 Nov 01;147(9):2537-2549       9 Citations
1Study protocol for two complementary trials of non-steroidal or opioid analgesia use for children aged 6 to 17 years with musculoskeletal injuries (the No OUCH study). (Ali S, Rajagopal M, Klassen T, Richer L, McCabe C, Willan A, Yaskina M, Heath A, Drendel AL, Offringa M, Gouin S, Stang A, Sawyer S, Bhatt M, Hickes S, Poonai N, KidsCAN PERC Innovative Pediatric Clinical Trials No OUCH Study Team) BMJ Open 2020 Jun 21;10(6):e035177       7 Citations
1Baseline Visual Field Findings in the RUSH2A Study: Associated Factors and Correlation With Other Measures of Disease Severity. (Duncan JL, Liang W, Maguire MG, Audo I, Ayala AR, Birch DG, Carroll J, Cheetham JK, Esposti SD, Durham TA, Erker L, Farsiu S, Ferris FL 3rd, Heon E, Hufnagel RB, Iannaccone A, Jaffe GJ, Kay CN, Michaelides M, Pennesi ME, Sahel JA, Foundation Fighting Blindness Consortium Investigator Group) Am J Ophthalmol 2020 Nov;219:87-100       24 Citations
1Precision oncology: the intention-to-treat analysis fallacy. (Sicklick JK, Kato S, Okamura R, Kurzrock R) Eur J Cancer 2020 Jul;133:25-28       4 Citations
1The Impact of Sex and Gender on Clinical Care and Research Design in Nephrolithiasis. (Ellison JS, Tasian GE) Urology 2021 May;151:54-57       2 Citations
1A Rush to Judgment? Rapid Reporting and Dissemination of Results and Its Consequences Regarding the Use of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. (Kim AHJ, Sparks JA, Liew JW, Putman MS, Berenbaum F, Duarte-García A, Graef ER, Korsten P, Sattui SE, Sirotich E, Ugarte-Gil MF, Webb K, Grainger R, COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance) Ann Intern Med 2020 Jun 16;172(12):819-821       165 Citations
1Practical Guide to Meta-analysis. (Arya S, Schwartz TA, Ghaferi AA) JAMA Surg 2020 May 01;155(5):430-431       15 Citations
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1Rationale and design of the STeroids to REduce Systemic inflammation after infant heart Surgery (STRESS) trial. (Hill KD, Baldwin HS, Bichel DP, Butts RJ, Chamberlain RC, Ellis AM, Graham EM, Hickerson J, Hornik CP, Jacobs JP, Jacobs ML, Jaquiss RD, Kannankeril PJ, O'Brien SM, Torok R, Turek JW, Li JS, STRESS Network Investigators) Am Heart J 2020 Feb;220:192-202       33 Citations
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1MethylSeqDesign: a framework for Methyl-Seq genome-wide power calculation and study design issues. (Liu P, Lin CW, Park Y, Tseng G) Biostatistics 2021 Jan 28;22(1):35-50       1 Citation
1A Substruction Approach to Assessing the Theoretical Validity of Measures. (Ryan P, Weiss M, Papanek P) J Nurs Meas 2019 Apr 01;27(1):126-145       2 Citations
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3"A method to measure predictive ability of an injury risk curve using an observation-adjusted area under the receiver operating characteristic curve" by A.M. Baker, F.C. Hsu, F.S. Gayzik (2018). (Banerjee A, Pintar FA, Yoganandan N) J Biomech 2020 Feb 13;100:109087       1 Citation
1Doxycycline for the treatment of nodding syndrome (DONS); the study protocol of a phase II randomised controlled trial. (Idro R, Anguzu R, Ogwang R, Akun P, Abbo C, Mwaka AD, Opar B, Nakamya P, Taylor M, Elliott A, Vincent A, Newton C, Marsh K) BMC Neurol 2019 Mar 06;19(1):35       14 Citations
2Qualitative methods of road traffic crash research in low- and middle-income countries: a review. (Holmes BD, Haglund K, Beyer KMM, Cassidy LD) Int J Inj Contr Saf Promot 2019 Jun;26(2):194-199       8 Citations
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1Design and Reporting Characteristics of Clinical Trials of Select Chronic and Recurrent Pediatric Pain Conditions: An Analgesic, Anesthetic, and Addiction Clinical Trial Translations, Innovations, Opportunities, and Networks Systematic Review. (Connolly MR, Chaudari JY, Yang X, Ward N, Kitt RA, Herrmann RS, Krane EJ, LeBel AA, Smith SM, Walco GA, Weisman SJ, Turk DC, Dworkin RH, Gewandter JS) J Pain 2019 Apr;20(4):394-404       5 Citations
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