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1Grouping methods for estimating the prevalences of rare traits from complex survey data that preserve confidentiality of respondents. (Hyun N, Gastwirth JL, Graubard BI) Stat Med 2018 06 15;37(13):2174-2186       2 Citations
1Conservatism and the neural circuitry of threat: economic conservatism predicts greater amygdala-BNST connectivity during periods of threat vs safety. (Pedersen WS, Muftuler LT, Larson CL) Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 2018 01 01;13(1):43-51       9 Citations
5PGC-1α (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Coactivator 1-α) Overexpression in Coronary Artery Disease Recruits NO and Hydrogen Peroxide During Flow-Mediated Dilation and Protects Against Increased Intraluminal Pressure. (Kadlec AO, Chabowski DS, Ait-Aissa K, Hockenberry JC, Otterson MF, Durand MJ, Freed JK, Beyer AM, Gutterman DD) Hypertension 2017 07;70(1):166-173       20 Citations
2Validation of a hand-held point of care device for lactate in adult and pediatric patients using traditional and locally-smoothed median and maximum absolute difference curves. (Colon-Franco JM, Lo SF, Tarima SS, Gourlay D, Drendel AL, Brook Lerner E) Clin Chim Acta 2017 May;468:145-149       6 Citations
2Estimates of nasal airflow at the nasal cycle mid-point improve the correlation between objective and subjective measures of nasal patency. (Gaberino C, Rhee JS, Garcia GJ) Respir Physiol Neurobiol 2017 04;238:23-32       10 Citations
2Correlation of Nasal Mucosal Temperature With Subjective Nasal Patency in Healthy Individuals. (Bailey RS, Casey KP, Pawar SS, Garcia GJ) JAMA Facial Plast Surg 2017 Jan 01;19(1):46-52       11 Citations
1Residue influences quality of life independently of penetration and aspiration in head and neck cancer survivors. (Meyer TK, Pisegna JM, Krisciunas GP, Pauloski BR, Langmore SE) Laryngoscope 2017 07;127(7):1615-1621       12 Citations
1Five-Year Longitudinal Brain Volume Change in Healthy Elders at Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's Disease. (Reiter K, Nielson KA, Durgerian S, Woodard JL, Smith JC, Seidenberg M, Kelly DA, Rao SM) J Alzheimers Dis 2017;55(4):1363-1377       14 Citations
3Deriving injury risk curves using survival analysis from biomechanical experiments. (Yoganandan N, Banerjee A, Hsu FC, Bass CR, Voo L, Pintar FA, Gayzik FS) J Biomech 2016 10 03;49(14):3260-3267       21 Citations
1Directed Functional Connectivity in Fronto-Centroparietal Circuit Correlates With Motor Adaptation in Gait Training. (Youssofzadeh V, Zanotto D, Wong-Lin K, Agrawal SK, Prasad G) IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2016 11;24(11):1265-1275       16 Citations
2Physiological Synchronization in Emergency Response Teams: Subjective Workload, Drivers and Empaths. (Guastello SJ, Marra DE, Perna C, Castro J, Gomez M, Peressini AF) Nonlinear Dynamics Psychol Life Sci 2016 Apr;20(2):223-70       16 Citations
1Improved Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Associated with Increased Cortical Thickness in Mild Cognitive Impairment. (Reiter K, Nielson KA, Smith TJ, Weiss LR, Alfini AJ, Smith JC) J Int Neuropsychol Soc 2015 Nov;21(10):757-67       35 Citations
1Data, Big Data, and Metadata in Anesthesiology. (Levin MA, Wanderer JP, Ehrenfeld JM) Anesth Analg 2015 Dec;121(6):1661-7       15 Citations
1Mood symptoms correlate with kynurenine pathway metabolites following sports-related concussion. (Singh R, Savitz J, Teague TK, Polanski DW, Mayer AR, Bellgowan PS, Meier TB) J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2016 06;87(6):670-5       14 Citations
1An assessment of the methodological quality of published network meta-analyses: a systematic review. (Chambers JD, Naci H, Wouters OJ, Pyo J, Gunjal S, Kennedy IR, Hoey MG, Winn A, Neumann PJ) PLoS One 2015;10(4):e0121715       19 Citations
2Deflection corridors of abdomen and thorax in oblique side impacts using equal stress equal velocity approach: comparison with other normalization methods. (Yoganandan N, Arun MW, Humm J, Pintar FA) J Biomech Eng 2014 Oct;136(10):101012       5 Citations
1Laboratory diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies. (Locke BA, Dasu T, Verbsky JW) Clin Rev Allergy Immunol 2014 Apr;46(2):154-68       24 Citations
1Mini-Sentinel methods: framework for assessment of positive results from signal refinement. (McClure DL, Raebel MA, Yih WK, Shoaibi A, Mullersman JE, Anderson-Smits C, Glanz JM) Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2014 Jan;23(1):3-8       5 Citations
1Pseudo-value approach for comparing survival medians for dependent data. (Ahn KW, Mendolia F) Stat Med 2014 Apr 30;33(9):1531-8       2 Citations
1The interplay of attention and emotion: top-down attention modulates amygdala activation in psychopathy. (Larson CL, Baskin-Sommers AR, Stout DM, Balderston NL, Curtin JJ, Schultz DH, Kiehl KA, Newman JP) Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci 2013 Dec;13(4):757-70       64 Citations
1Septal nuclei enlargement in human temporal lobe epilepsy without mesial temporal sclerosis. (Butler T, Zaborszky L, Wang X, McDonald CR, Blackmon K, Quinn BT, DuBois J, Carlson C, Barr WB, French J, Kuzniecky R, Halgren E, Devinsky O, Thesen T) Neurology 2013 Jan 29;80(5):487-91       20 Citations
1Karl Pearson and eugenics: personal opinions and scientific rigor. (Delzell DA, Poliak CD) Sci Eng Ethics 2013 Sep;19(3):1057-70    
1Associations between bacterial contamination of health care workers' hands and contamination of white coats and scrubs. (Munoz-Price LS, Arheart KL, Mills JP, Cleary T, Depascale D, Jimenez A, Fajardo-Aquino Y, Coro G, Birnbach DJ, Lubarsky DA) Am J Infect Control 2012 Nov;40(9):e245-8       57 Citations
2The use of group sequential designs with common competing risks tests. (Logan BR, Zhang MJ) Stat Med 2013 Mar 15;32(6):899-913       11 Citations
1Coex-Rank: An approach incorporating co-expression information for combined analysis of microarray data. (Cai J, Keen HL, Sigmund CD, Casavant TL) J Integr Bioinform 2012 Jul 30;9(1):208       3 Citations
1Genome-wide meta-analyses of smoking behaviors in African Americans. (David SP, Hamidovic A, Chen GK, Bergen AW, Wessel J, Kasberger JL, Brown WM, Petruzella S, Thacker EL, Kim Y, Nalls MA, Tranah GJ, Sung YJ, Ambrosone CB, Arnett D, Bandera EV, Becker DM, Becker L, Berndt SI, Bernstein L, Blot WJ, Broeckel U, Buxbaum SG, Caporaso N, Casey G, Chanock SJ, Deming SL, Diver WR, Eaton CB, Evans DS, Evans MK, Fornage M, Franceschini N, Harris TB, Henderson BE, Hernandez DG, Hitsman B, Hu JJ, Hunt SC, Ingles SA, John EM, Kittles R, Kolb S, Kolonel LN, Le Marchand L, Liu Y, Lohman KK, McKnight B, Millikan RC, Murphy A, Neslund-Dudas C, Nyante S, Press M, Psaty BM, Rao DC, Redline S, Rodriguez-Gil JL, Rybicki BA, Signorello LB, Singleton AB, Smoller J, Snively B, Spring B, Stanford JL, Strom SS, Swan GE, Taylor KD, Thun MJ, Wilson AF, Witte JS, Yamamura Y, Yanek LR, Yu K, Zheng W, Ziegler RG, Zonderman AB, Jorgenson E, Haiman CA, Furberg H) Transl Psychiatry 2012 May 22;2:e119       77 Citations
3The development and validation of the hypertension evaluation of lifestyle and management knowledge scale. (Schapira MM, Fletcher KE, Hayes A, Eastwood D, Patterson L, Ertl K, Whittle J) J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich) 2012 Jul;14(7):461-6       26 Citations
1An efficient statistical algorithm for a temporal scan statistic applied to vaccine safety analyses. (McClure DL, Xu S, Weintraub E, Glanz JM) Vaccine 2012 Jun 08;30(27):3986-91       7 Citations
1Medical student case presentation performance and perception when using mobile learning technology in the emergency department. (Tews M, Brennan K, Begaz T, Treat R) Med Educ Online 2011;16       24 Citations
1The contribution of gliosis to diffusion tensor anisotropy and tractography following traumatic brain injury: validation in the rat using Fourier analysis of stained tissue sections. (Budde MD, Janes L, Gold E, Turtzo LC, Frank JA) Brain 2011 Aug;134(Pt 8):2248-60    
1Hand appearance as a patient motivation for surgery and a determinant of satisfaction with metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty for rheumatoid arthritis. (Bogoch ER, Escott BG, Ronald K) J Hand Surg Am 2011 Jun;36(6):1007-1014.e1-4       23 Citations
1Echocardiographic indices of diastolic function relate to functional capacity and quality of life in ambulatory men with atrial fibrillation. (Punjani S, Wu WC, Cohen S, Sharma SC, Choudhary G) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2011 May;24(5):533-540.e3       8 Citations
1Cortisol's effects on hippocampal activation in depressed patients are related to alterations in memory formation. (Abercrombie HC, Jahn AL, Davidson RJ, Kern S, Kirschbaum C, Halverson J) J Psychiatr Res 2011 Jan;45(1):15-23       32 Citations
2The neural career of sensory-motor metaphors. (Desai RH, Binder JR, Conant LL, Mano QR, Seidenberg MS) J Cogn Neurosci 2011 Sep;23(9):2376-86       127 Citations
2Effects of wrist tendon vibration on targeted upper-arm movements in poststroke hemiparesis. (Conrad MO, Scheidt RA, Schmit BD) Neurorehabil Neural Repair 2011 Jan;25(1):61-70       30 Citations
1Assessing medical students' self-regulation as aptitude in computer-based learning. (Song HS, Kalet AL, Plass JL) Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract 2011 Mar;16(1):97-107       18 Citations
1Association between major depression, depressive symptoms and personal income in US adults with diabetes. (Dismuke CE, Egede LE) Gen Hosp Psychiatry 2010 Sep-Oct;32(5):484-91       19 Citations
1Variation in quality of care indicators for diabetes in a national sample of veterans and non-veterans. (Lynch CP, Strom JL, Egede LE) Diabetes Technol Ther 2010 Oct;12(10):785-90       6 Citations
1Rostrocaudal analysis of corpus callosum demyelination and axon damage across disease stages refines diffusion tensor imaging correlations with pathological features. (Xie M, Tobin JE, Budde MD, Chen CI, Trinkaus K, Cross AH, McDaniel DP, Song SK, Armstrong RC) J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 2010 Jul;69(7):704-16       112 Citations
1Associations among body mass index, waist circumference, and health indicators in American Indian and Alaska Native adults. (Slattery ML, Ferucci ED, Murtaugh MA, Edwards S, Ma KN, Etzel RA, Tom-Orme L, Lanier AP) Am J Health Promot 2010 Mar-Apr;24(4):246-54       19 Citations
1Time-efficient patient-specific quantification of regional carotid artery fluid dynamics and spatial correlation with plaque burden. (LaDisa JF Jr, Bowers M, Harmann L, Prost R, Doppalapudi AV, Mohyuddin T, Zaidat O, Migrino RQ) Med Phys 2010 Feb;37(2):784-92    
1RTOG physician and research associate attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding clinical trials: implications for improving patient recruitment. (Ulrich CM, James JL, Walker EM, Stine SH, Gore E, Prestidge B, Michalski J, Gwede CK, Chamberlain R, Bruner DW) Contemp Clin Trials 2010 May;31(3):221-8       29 Citations
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1Validation of an Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills model of diabetes self-care (IMB-DSC). (Osborn CY, Egede LE) Patient Educ Couns 2010 Apr;79(1):49-54       88 Citations
1Last observation carried forward versus mixed models in the analysis of psychiatric clinical trials. (Hamer RM, Simpson PM) Am J Psychiatry 2009 Jun;166(6):639-41       142 Citations
1Anticipatory smiling: linking early affective communication and social outcome. (Parlade MV, Messinger DS, Delgado CE, Kaiser MY, Van Hecke AV, Mundy PC) Infant Behav Dev 2009 Jan;32(1):33-43       24 Citations
1Relationship between manometric and videofluoroscopic measures of swallow function in healthy adults and patients treated for head and neck cancer with various modalities. (Pauloski BR, Rademaker AW, Lazarus C, Boeckxstaens G, Kahrilas PJ, Logemann JA) Dysphagia 2009 Jun;24(2):196-203       31 Citations
1Subsequent malignancies in children treated for Hodgkin's disease: associations with gender and radiation dose. (Constine LS, Tarbell N, Hudson MM, Schwartz C, Fisher SG, Muhs AG, Basu SK, Kun LE, Ng A, Mauch P, Sandhu A, Culakova E, Lyman G, Mendenhall N) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2008 Sep 01;72(1):24-33       106 Citations
1Axonal injury detected by in vivo diffusion tensor imaging correlates with neurological disability in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. (Budde MD, Kim JH, Liang HF, Russell JH, Cross AH, Song SK) NMR Biomed 2008 Jul;21(6):589-97       140 Citations
1COmplex-Model-Based Estimation of thermal noise for fMRI data in the presence of artifacts. (Xu Y, Wu G, Rowe DB, Ma Y, Zhang R, Xu G, Li SJ) Magn Reson Imaging 2007 Sep;25(7):1079-88       5 Citations
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1Men and women differ in object memory but not performance of a virtual radial maze. (Levy LJ, Astur RS, Frick KM) Behav Neurosci 2005 Aug;119(4):853-62       74 Citations
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