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Publications indexed to the term In Situ Hybridization

1Chondroblastoma Expresses RANKL by RNA In Situ Hybridization and May Respond to Denosumab Therapy. (Suster DI, Kurzawa P, Neyaz A, Jarzembowski JA, Lozano-Calderon S, Raskin K, Schwab J, Choy E, Chebib I, Deshpande V) Am J Surg Pathol 2020 12;44(12):1581-1590       1 Citation
1Refractory inflammatory bowel disease: is there a role for Epstein-Barr virus? A case-controlled study using highly sensitive Epstein-Barr virus-encoded small RNA1 in situ hybridization. (Pezhouh MK, Miller JA, Sharma R, Borzik D, Eze O, Waters K, Westerhoff MA, Parian AM, Lazarev MG, Voltaggio L) Hum Pathol 2018 12;82:187-192       8 Citations
1Renal Protection Mediated by Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Depends on Proangiogenesis Function of miR-21 by Targeting Thrombospondin 1. (Xu X, Song N, Zhang X, Jiao X, Hu J, Liang M, Teng J, Ding X) Transplantation 2017 08;101(8):1811-1819       22 Citations
2PTEN loss and p27 loss differ among morphologic patterns of prostate cancer, including cribriform. (Ronen S, Abbott DW, Kravtsov O, Abdelkader A, Xu Y, Banerjee A, Iczkowski KA) Hum Pathol 2017 07;65:85-91       21 Citations
1Absence of Cytomegalovirus in Glioblastoma and Other High-grade Gliomas by Real-time PCR, Immunohistochemistry, and In Situ Hybridization. (Holdhoff M, Guner G, Rodriguez FJ, Hicks JL, Zheng Q, Forman MS, Ye X, Grossman SA, Meeker AK, Heaphy CM, Eberhart CG, De Marzo AM, Arav-Boger R) Clin Cancer Res 2017 Jun 15;23(12):3150-3157       25 Citations
1Generation and characterization of mice harboring a conditional CXCL12 allele. (Hillmer RE, Boisvert JP, Cucciare MJ, Dwinell MB, Joksimovic M) Int J Dev Biol 2015;59(4-6):205-9       4 Citations
1RhoC maintains vascular homeostasis by regulating VEGF-induced signaling in endothelial cells. (Hoeppner LH, Sinha S, Wang Y, Bhattacharya R, Dutta S, Gong X, Bedell VM, Suresh S, Chun C, Ramchandran R, Ekker SC, Mukhopadhyay D) J Cell Sci 2015 10 01;128(19):3556-68       21 Citations
1The Ability to Diagnose Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Definitively Using Novel Branched DNA-Enhanced Albumin RNA In Situ Hybridization Technology. (Ferrone CR, Ting DT, Shahid M, Konstantinidis IT, Sabbatino F, Goyal L, Rice-Stitt T, Mubeen A, Arora K, Bardeesey N, Miura J, Gamblin TC, Zhu AX, Borger D, Lillemoe KD, Rivera MN, Deshpande V) Ann Surg Oncol 2016 Jan;23(1):290-6       42 Citations
2Behavioral assessment of acute inhibition of system xc (-) in rats. (Lutgen V, Resch J, Qualmann K, Raddatz NJ, Panhans C, Olander EM, Kong L, Choi S, Mantsch JR, Baker DA) Psychopharmacology (Berl) 2014 Dec;231(24):4637-47       11 Citations
1Activation of α2A-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors mediates nicotine-induced motor output in embryonic zebrafish. (Menelaou E, Udvadia AJ, Tanguay RL, Svoboda KR) Eur J Neurosci 2014 Jul;40(1):2225-40       10 Citations
2MicroRNA in situ hybridization for formalin fixed kidney tissues. (Kriegel AJ, Liang M) J Vis Exp 2013 Nov 30(81)       9 Citations
1Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is strongly associated with productive infection by herpesvirus saimiri. (Folcik VA, Garofalo M, Coleman J, Donegan JJ, Rabbani E, Suster S, Nuovo A, Magro CM, Di Leva G, Nuovo GJ) Mod Pathol 2014 Jun;27(6):851-62       29 Citations
1Irradiation-induced angiogenesis is associated with an MMP-9-miR-494-syndecan-1 regulatory loop in medulloblastoma cells. (Asuthkar S, Velpula KK, Nalla AK, Gogineni VR, Gondi CS, Rao JS) Oncogene 2014 Apr 10;33(15):1922-33       42 Citations
1Reduction in phencyclidine induced sensorimotor gating deficits in the rat following increased system xc⁻ activity in the medial prefrontal cortex. (Lutgen V, Qualmann K, Resch J, Kong L, Choi S, Baker DA) Psychopharmacology (Berl) 2013 Apr;226(3):531-40       10 Citations
1Integrin α5/fibronectin1 and focal adhesion kinase are required for lens fiber morphogenesis in zebrafish. (Hayes JM, Hartsock A, Clark BS, Napier HR, Link BA, Gross JM) Mol Biol Cell 2012 Dec;23(24):4725-38       26 Citations
1Rp58 is essential for the growth and patterning of the cerebellum and for glutamatergic and GABAergic neuron development. (Baubet V, Xiang C, Molczan A, Roccograndi L, Melamed S, Dahmane N) Development 2012 Jun;139(11):1903-9       16 Citations
1Etsrp/Etv2 is directly regulated by Foxc1a/b in the zebrafish angioblast. (Veldman MB, Lin S) Circ Res 2012 Jan 20;110(2):220-9       35 Citations
1PITX2 is involved in stress response in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells through regulation of SLC13A3. (Strungaru MH, Footz T, Liu Y, Berry FB, Belleau P, Semina EV, Raymond V, Walter MA) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011 Sep 29;52(10):7625-33       19 Citations
1MIP/Aquaporin 0 represents a direct transcriptional target of PITX3 in the developing lens. (Sorokina EA, Muheisen S, Mlodik N, Semina EV) PLoS One 2011;6(6):e21122       20 Citations
1Lack of association of tumor-associated macrophages with clinical outcome in patients with classical Hodgkin's lymphoma. (Azambuja D, Natkunam Y, Biasoli I, Lossos IS, Anderson MW, Morais JC, Spector N) Ann Oncol 2012 Mar;23(3):736-742       67 Citations
1Dynamic Lkb1-TORC1 signaling as a possible mechanism for regulating the endoderm-intestine transition. (Marshall KE, Tomasini AJ, Makky K, N Kumar S, Mayer AN) Dev Dyn 2010 Nov;239(11):3000-12       7 Citations
4Potential novel mechanism for Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome: deletion of a distant region containing regulatory elements of PITX2. (Volkmann BA, Zinkevich NS, Mustonen A, Schilter KF, Bosenko DV, Reis LM, Broeckel U, Link BA, Semina EV) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011 Mar;52(3):1450-9       33 Citations
1Endothelial expression of human cytochrome P450 epoxygenases lowers blood pressure and attenuates hypertension-induced renal injury in mice. (Lee CR, Imig JD, Edin ML, Foley J, DeGraff LM, Bradbury JA, Graves JP, Lih FB, Clark J, Myers P, Perrow AL, Lepp AN, Kannon MA, Ronnekleiv OK, Alkayed NJ, Falck JR, Tomer KB, Zeldin DC) FASEB J 2010 Oct;24(10):3770-81       112 Citations
1Folate regulation of axonal regeneration in the rodent central nervous system through DNA methylation. (Iskandar BJ, Rizk E, Meier B, Hariharan N, Bottiglieri T, Finnell RH, Jarrard DF, Banerjee RV, Skene JH, Nelson A, Patel N, Gherasim C, Simon K, Cook TD, Hogan KJ) J Clin Invest 2010 May;120(5):1603-16       99 Citations
2Epstein-Barr virus-associated intracranial leiomyosarcoma in an HIV-positive adolescent. (Gupta S, Havens PL, Southern JF, Firat SY, Jogal SS) J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2010 May;32(4):e144-7       24 Citations
1VAV2 and VAV3 as candidate disease genes for spontaneous glaucoma in mice and humans. (Fujikawa K, Iwata T, Inoue K, Akahori M, Kadotani H, Fukaya M, Watanabe M, Chang Q, Barnett EM, Swat W) PLoS One 2010 Feb 04;5(2):e9050       40 Citations
1Analysis of a gain-of-function FGFR2 Crouzon mutation provides evidence of loss of function activity in the etiology of cleft palate. (Snyder-Warwick AK, Perlyn CA, Pan J, Yu K, Zhang L, Ornitz DM) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Feb 09;107(6):2515-20       53 Citations
1Tuba1a gene expression is regulated by KLF6/7 and is necessary for CNS development and regeneration in zebrafish. (Veldman MB, Bemben MA, Goldman D) Mol Cell Neurosci 2010 Apr;43(4):370-83       34 Citations
1The microRNA-processing enzyme dicer maintains juxtaglomerular cells. (Sequeira-Lopez ML, Weatherford ET, Borges GR, Monteagudo MC, Pentz ES, Harfe BD, Carretero O, Sigmund CD, Gomez RA) J Am Soc Nephrol 2010 Mar;21(3):460-7       114 Citations
1Tgif1 and Tgif2 regulate Nodal signaling and are required for gastrulation. (Powers SE, Taniguchi K, Yen W, Melhuish TA, Shen J, Walsh CA, Sutherland AE, Wotton D) Development 2010 Jan;137(2):249-59       45 Citations
1Lmx1b is essential for survival of periocular mesenchymal cells and influences Fgf-mediated retinal patterning in zebrafish. (McMahon C, Gestri G, Wilson SW, Link BA) Dev Biol 2009 Aug 15;332(2):287-98       40 Citations
1FoxC1 is essential for vascular basement membrane integrity and hyaloid vessel morphogenesis. (Skarie JM, Link BA) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2009 Nov;50(11):5026-34       38 Citations
1Inhibition of stored Ca2+ release disrupts convergence-related cell movements in the lateral intermediate mesoderm resulting in abnormal positioning and morphology of the pronephric anlagen in intact zebrafish embryos. (Lam PY, Webb SE, Leclerc C, Moreau M, Miller AL) Dev Growth Differ 2009 May;51(4):429-42       9 Citations
1Collective cell migration drives morphogenesis of the kidney nephron. (Vasilyev A, Liu Y, Mudumana S, Mangos S, Lam PY, Majumdar A, Zhao J, Poon KL, Kondrychyn I, Korzh V, Drummond IA) PLoS Biol 2009 Jan 06;7(1):e9       132 Citations
1Subcellular stress response and induction of molecular chaperones and folding proteins after transient global ischemia in rats. (Truettner JS, Hu K, Liu CL, Dietrich WD, Hu B) Brain Res 2009 Jan 16;1249:9-18       63 Citations
1Zebrafish as a developmental model organism for pediatric research. (Veldman MB, Lin S) Pediatr Res 2008 Nov;64(5):470-6       71 Citations
1Differential display identifies overexpression of the USP36 gene, encoding a deubiquitinating enzyme, in ovarian cancer. (Li J, Olson LM, Zhang Z, Li L, Bidder M, Nguyen L, Pfeifer J, Rader JS) Int J Med Sci 2008 Jun 06;5(3):133-42       15 Citations
1Duplication and divergence of zebrafish CRALBP genes uncovers novel role for RPE- and Muller-CRALBP in cone vision. (Collery R, McLoughlin S, Vendrell V, Finnegan J, Crabb JW, Saari JC, Kennedy BN) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2008 Sep;49(9):3812-20       34 Citations
1Loss of both GATA4 and GATA6 blocks cardiac myocyte differentiation and results in acardia in mice. (Zhao R, Watt AJ, Battle MA, Li J, Bondow BJ, Duncan SA) Dev Biol 2008 May 15;317(2):614-9       144 Citations
1The disarrayed mutation results in cell cycle and neurogenesis defects during retinal development in zebrafish. (Baye LM, Link BA) BMC Dev Biol 2007 Apr 05;7:28       16 Citations
1Cloning and characterization of zebrafish (Danio rerio) cyclin-dependent kinase 5. (Kanungo J, Li BS, Goswami M, Zheng YL, Ramchandran R, Pant HC) Neurosci Lett 2007 Feb 02;412(3):233-8       15 Citations
1Adenoid cystic/basal cell carcinoma of the prostate strongly expresses HER-2/neu. (Iczkowski KA, Montironi R) J Clin Pathol 2006 Dec;59(12):1327-30       14 Citations
2In vivo response-based identification of direct hormone target cell populations using high-density tissue arrays. (LeBaron MJ, Ahonen TJ, Nevalainen MT, Rui H) Endocrinology 2007 Mar;148(3):989-1008       29 Citations
1ColVa1 and ColXIa1 are required for myocardial morphogenesis and heart valve development. (Lincoln J, Florer JB, Deutsch GH, Wenstrup RJ, Yutzey KE) Dev Dyn 2006 Dec;235(12):3295-305       43 Citations
1BMP and FGF regulatory pathways control cell lineage diversification of heart valve precursor cells. (Lincoln J, Alfieri CM, Yutzey KE) Dev Biol 2006 Apr 15;292(2):292-302       86 Citations
1Differential expression of cytoskeletal genes in the cochlear nucleus. (Friedland DR, Popper P, Eernisse R, Ringger B, Cioffi JA) Anat Rec A Discov Mol Cell Evol Biol 2006 Apr;288(4):447-65       6 Citations
1High-grade urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis: clinicopathologic study of 108 cases with emphasis on unusual morphologic variants. (Perez-Montiel D, Wakely PE, Hes O, Michal M, Suster S) Mod Pathol 2006 Apr;19(4):494-503       137 Citations
1Paracrine calcitonin in prostate cancer is linked to CD44 variant expression and invasion. (Iczkowski KA, Omara-Opyene AL, Kulkarni TR, Pansara M, Shah GV) Anticancer Res 2005 May-Jun;25(3B):2075-83       13 Citations
1Further evidence for increased macrophage migration inhibitory factor expression in prostate cancer. (Meyer-Siegler KL, Iczkowski KA, Vera PL) BMC Cancer 2005 Jul 06;5:73       55 Citations
1Ssdp1 regulates head morphogenesis of mouse embryos by activating the Lim1-Ldb1 complex. (Nishioka N, Nagano S, Nakayama R, Kiyonari H, Ijiri T, Taniguchi K, Shawlot W, Hayashizaki Y, Westphal H, Behringer RR, Matsuda Y, Sakoda S, Kondoh H, Sasaki H) Development 2005 Jun;132(11):2535-46       53 Citations
1roundabout4 is essential for angiogenesis in vivo. (Bedell VM, Yeo SY, Park KW, Chung J, Seth P, Shivalingappa V, Zhao J, Obara T, Sukhatme VP, Drummond IA, Li DY, Ramchandran R) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005 May 03;102(18):6373-8       170 Citations
1Organization and regulation of paraventricular nucleus glutamate signaling systems: N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. (Ziegler DR, Cullinan WE, Herman JP) J Comp Neurol 2005 Mar 28;484(1):43-56       63 Citations
1Critical roles of CD146 in zebrafish vascular development. (Chan B, Sinha S, Cho D, Ramchandran R, Sukhatme VP) Dev Dyn 2005 Jan;232(1):232-44       41 Citations
1Microarray analysis of retinoid-dependent gene activity during rat embryogenesis: increased collagen fibril production in a model of retinoid insufficiency. (Flentke GR, Baker MW, Docterman KE, Power S, Lough J, Smith SM) Dev Dyn 2004 Apr;229(4):886-98       14 Citations
1Oral plasmablastic lymphomas in AIDS patients are associated with human herpesvirus 8. (Cioc AM, Allen C, Kalmar JR, Suster S, Baiocchi R, Nuovo GJ) Am J Surg Pathol 2004 Jan;28(1):41-6       106 Citations
1Prostate cancer overexpresses CD44 variants 7-9 at the messenger RNA and protein level. (Iczkowski KA, Bai S, Pantazis CG) Anticancer Res 2003 Jul-Aug;23(4):3129-40       29 Citations
1Cell biology of laryngeal epithelial defenses in health and disease: further studies. (Johnston N, Bulmer D, Gill GA, Panetti M, Ross PE, Pearson JP, Pignatelli M, Axford SE, Dettmar PW, Koufman JA) Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 2003 Jun;112(6):481-91       147 Citations
1Expression, localization and alternative function of cytoplasmic asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase in Brugia malayi. (Kron M, Petridis M, Milev Y, Leykam J, Härtlein M) Mol Biochem Parasitol 2003 Jun;129(1):33-9       21 Citations
1Increased fibronectin deposition in embryonic hearts of retinol-binding protein-null mice. (Wendler CC, Schmoldt A, Flentke GR, Case LC, Quadro L, Blaner WS, Lough J, Smith SM) Circ Res 2003 May 02;92(8):920-8       28 Citations
2The thrombomodulin-protein C system is essential for the maintenance of pregnancy. (Isermann B, Sood R, Pawlinski R, Zogg M, Kalloway S, Degen JL, Mackman N, Weiler H) Nat Med 2003 Mar;9(3):331-7       209 Citations
1Composite angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a case report and review of the literature. (Xu Y, McKenna RW, Hoang MP, Collins RH, Kroft SH) Am J Clin Pathol 2002 Dec;118(6):848-54       49 Citations
1Telomerase reverse transcriptase subunit immunoreactivity: a marker for high-grade prostate carcinoma. (Iczkowski KA, Pantazis CG, McGregor DH, Wu Y, Tawfik OW) Cancer 2002 Dec 15;95(12):2487-93       37 Citations
1Analysis of 16S libraries of mouse gastrointestinal microflora reveals a large new group of mouse intestinal bacteria. (Salzman NH, de Jong H, Paterson Y, Harmsen HJM, Welling GW, Bos NA) Microbiology (Reading) 2002 Nov;148(Pt 11):3651-3660       184 Citations
1Neurotrophin-4: a survival factor for adult sensory neurons. (Stucky CL, Shin JB, Lewin GR) Curr Biol 2002 Aug 20;12(16):1401-4       54 Citations
1Distribution of vesicular glutamate transporter mRNA in rat hypothalamus. (Ziegler DR, Cullinan WE, Herman JP) J Comp Neurol 2002 Jul 01;448(3):217-29       188 Citations
1CYP4A mRNA, protein, and product in rat lungs: novel localization in vascular endothelium. (Zhu D, Zhang C, Medhora M, Jacobs ER) J Appl Physiol (1985) 2002 Jul;93(1):330-7       51 Citations
1Hypothalamic thyrotropin-releasing hormone mRNA responses to hypothyroxinemia induced by sleep deprivation. (Everson CA, Nowak TS Jr) Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2002 Jul;283(1):E85-93       25 Citations
1Expression of human smooth muscle calponin in transgenic mice revealed with a bacterial artificial chromosome. (Miano JM, Kitchen CM, Chen J, Maltby KM, Kelly LA, Weiler H, Krahe R, Ashworth LK, Garcia E) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2002 May;282(5):H1793-803       12 Citations
1The perplexed and confused mutations affect distinct stages during the transition from proliferating to post-mitotic cells within the zebrafish retina. (Link BA, Kainz PM, Ryou T, Dowling JE) Dev Biol 2001 Aug 15;236(2):436-53       25 Citations
1Increased mRNA expression for the alpha(1) subunit of the GABA(A) receptor following nitrous oxide exposure in mice. (Johanek LM, Cullinan WE, Vaughn LK) Brain Res Mol Brain Res 2001 Apr 18;89(1-2):41-9       5 Citations
1In situ mRNA hybridization analysis and immunolocalization of the vitamin D receptor in normal and carcinomatous human colonic mucosa: relation to epidermal growth factor receptor expression. (Sheinin Y, Kaserer K, Wrba F, Wenzl E, Kriwanek S, Peterlik M, Cross HS) Virchows Arch 2000 Nov;437(5):501-7       46 Citations
1She2p is a novel RNA-binding protein that recruits the Myo4p-She3p complex to ASH1 mRNA. (Long RM, Gu W, Lorimer E, Singer RH, Chartrand P) EMBO J 2000 Dec 01;19(23):6592-601       158 Citations
1Differential expression of cSmad1 and cSmad5 in the primitive streak during chick embryo gastrulation. (Gont L, Lough J) Anat Rec 2000 09 01;260(1):102-5       3 Citations
1The basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor capsulin controls spleen organogenesis. (Lu J, Chang P, Richardson JA, Gan L, Weiler H, Olson EN) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2000 Aug 15;97(17):9525-30       99 Citations
1Deletion in the promoter region and altered expression of Pitx3 homeobox gene in aphakia mice. (Semina EV, Murray JC, Reiter R, Hrstka RF, Graw J) Hum Mol Genet 2000 Jul 01;9(11):1575-85       155 Citations
1GABA(A) receptor subunit expression within hypophysiotropic CRH neurons: a dual hybridization histochemical study. (Cullinan WE) J Comp Neurol 2000 Apr 10;419(3):344-51       106 Citations
1Prominent expression of mRNA for proinflammatory cytokines in synovium in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or chronic Lyme arthritis. (Harjacek M, Diaz-Cano S, Alman BA, Coburn J, Ruthazer R, Wolfe H, Steere AC) J Rheumatol 2000 Feb;27(2):497-503       43 Citations
1Mutations in COL11A2 cause non-syndromic hearing loss (DFNA13). (McGuirt WT, Prasad SD, Griffith AJ, Kunst HP, Green GE, Shpargel KB, Runge C, Huybrechts C, Mueller RF, Lynch E, King MC, Brunner HG, Cremers CW, Takanosu M, Li SW, Arita M, Mayne R, Prockop DJ, Van Camp G, Smith RJ) Nat Genet 1999 Dec;23(4):413-9       183 Citations
1Stomatin, a MEC-2 like protein, is expressed by mammalian sensory neurons. (Mannsfeldt AG, Carroll P, Stucky CL, Lewin GR) Mol Cell Neurosci 1999 Jun;13(6):391-404       54 Citations
1Decreased expression of the c-kit receptor is associated with increased apoptosis in subfertile human testes. (Feng HL, Sandlow JI, Sparks AE, Sandra A, Zheng LJ) Fertil Steril 1999 Jan;71(1):85-9       77 Citations
1Relative expression of E-cadherin and type IV collagenase genes predicts disease outcome in patients with resectable pancreatic carcinoma. (Kuniyasu H, Ellis LM, Evans DB, Abbruzzese JL, Fenoglio CJ, Bucana CD, Cleary KR, Tahara E, Fidler IJ) Clin Cancer Res 1999 Jan;5(1):25-33       115 Citations
1Development of the avian iris and ciliary body: mechanisms of cellular differentiation during the smooth-to-striated muscle transition. (Link BA, Nishi R) Dev Biol 1998 Nov 01;203(1):163-76       22 Citations
1Expression of retinol binding protein and transthyretin during early embryogenesis. (Barron M, McAllister D, Smith SM, Lough J) Dev Dyn 1998 Jul;212(3):413-22       21 Citations
1Enteric defensin expression in necrotizing enterocolitis. (Salzman NH, Polin RA, Harris MC, Ruchelli E, Hebra A, Zirin-Butler S, Jawad A, Martin Porter E, Bevins CL) Pediatr Res 1998 Jul;44(1):20-6       101 Citations
1Follicular large cell lymphoma with immunoblastic features in a child with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome: an unusual immunodeficiency-related neoplasm not associated with Epstein-Barr virus. (Kroft SH, Finn WG, Singleton TP, Ross CW, Sheldon S, Schnitzer B) Am J Clin Pathol 1998 Jul;110(1):95-9       16 Citations
1Expression of early growth response genes in human prostate cancer. (Eid MA, Kumar MV, Iczkowski KA, Bostwick DG, Tindall DJ) Cancer Res 1998 Jun 01;58(11):2461-8       164 Citations
1A novel homeobox gene PITX3 is mutated in families with autosomal-dominant cataracts and ASMD. (Semina EV, Ferrell RE, Mintz-Hittner HA, Bitoun P, Alward WL, Reiter RS, Funkhauser C, Daack-Hirsch S, Murray JC) Nat Genet 1998 Jun;19(2):167-70       314 Citations
1Developmental expression of human angiotensinogen in transgenic mice. (Yang G, Sigmund CD) Am J Physiol 1998 05;274(5):F932-9       13 Citations
1Solitary plasmacytoma of the lung with light chain extracellular deposits: a case report and review of the literature. (Piard F, Yaziji N, Jarry O, Assem M, Martin L, Bernard A, Jacquot JP, Justrabo E) Histopathology 1998 Apr;32(4):356-61       38 Citations
1Regulatory elements required for human angiotensinogen expression in HepG2 cells are dispensable in transgenic mice. (Yang G, Sigmund CD) Hypertension 1998 Mar;31(3):734-40       20 Citations
1Androgen-dependent expression of prolactin in rat prostate epithelium in vivo and in organ culture. (Nevalainen MT, Valve EM, Ahonen T, Yagi A, Paranko J, Härkönen PL) FASEB J 1997 Dec;11(14):1297-307       65 Citations
1The kidney androgen-regulated protein promoter confers renal proximal tubule cell-specific and highly androgen-responsive expression on the human angiotensinogen gene in transgenic mice. (Ding Y, Davisson RL, Hardy DO, Zhu LJ, Merrill DC, Catterall JF, Sigmund CD) J Biol Chem 1997 Oct 31;272(44):28142-8       110 Citations
1Elicitation and reduction of fear: behavioural and neuroendocrine indices and brain induction of the immediate-early gene c-fos. (Campeau S, Falls WA, Cullinan WE, Helmreich DL, Davis M, Watson SJ) Neuroscience 1997 Jun;78(4):1087-104       210 Citations
1Spatial pattern of type I collagen expression in injured peripheral nerve. (Nath RK, Mackinnon SE, Jensen JN, Parks WC) J Neurosurg 1997 May;86(5):866-70       14 Citations
1Expression of alpha(v)beta3 integrin is less frequent in ovarian epithelial tumors of low malignant potential in contrast to ovarian carcinomas. (Liapis H, Adler LM, Wick MR, Rader JS) Hum Pathol 1997 Apr;28(4):443-9       102 Citations
1Coordinate expression of the insulin-like growth factor system after microembolisation in porcine heart. (Kluge A, Zimmermann R, Weihrauch D, Mohri M, Sack S, Schaper J, Schaper W) Cardiovasc Res 1997 Feb;33(2):324-31       36 Citations
1Cathepsin G, acid phosphatase, and alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor messenger RNA levels in keratoconus corneas. (Whitelock RB, Fukuchi T, Zhou L, Twining SS, Sugar J, Feder RS, Yue BY) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1997 Feb;38(2):529-34       57 Citations
1Continuous contractile activity induces fiber type specific expression of HSP70 in skeletal muscle. (Neufer PD, Ordway GA, Hand GA, Shelton JM, Richardson JA, Benjamin IJ, Williams RS) Am J Physiol 1996 Dec;271(6 Pt 1):C1828-37       77 Citations
1Hypoxia in vivo inhibits aldosterone synthesis and aldosterone synthase mRNA in rats. (Raff H, Jankowski BM, Engeland WC, Oaks MK) J Appl Physiol (1985) 1996 Aug;81(2):604-10       33 Citations
1Avian serum response factor expression restricted primarily to muscle cell lineages is required for alpha-actin gene transcription. (Croissant JD, Kim JH, Eichele G, Goering L, Lough J, Prywes R, Schwartz RJ) Dev Biol 1996 Jul 10;177(1):250-64       152 Citations
1Identification of cells that express 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptors in the nervous systems of the bowel and pancreas. (Kirchgessner AL, Liu MT, Raymond JR, Gershon MD) J Comp Neurol 1996 Jan 15;364(3):439-455       65 Citations
1The effect of adrenalectomy on stress-induced c-fos mRNA expression in the rat brain. (Helmreich DL, Cullinan WE, Watson SJ) Brain Res 1996 Jan 08;706(1):137-44       41 Citations
1Insertional mutagenesis and molecular analysis of a new gene associated with polycystic kidney disease. (Yoder BK, Richards WG, Sweeney WE, Wilkinson JE, Avener ED, Woychik RP) Proc Assoc Am Physicians 1995 Oct;107(3):314-23       62 Citations
1Transfer of the human glucocerebrosidase gene into hematopoietic stem cells of nonablated recipients: successful engraftment and long-term expression of the transgene. (Schiffmann R, Medin JA, Ward JM, Stahl S, Cottler-Fox M, Karlsson S) Blood 1995 Aug 01;86(3):1218-27       41 Citations
1Importance of monocytes/macrophages and fibroblasts for healing of micronecroses in porcine myocardium. (Weihrauch D, Arras M, Zimmermann R, Schaper J) Mol Cell Biochem 1995 Jun 7-21;147(1-2):13-9       39 Citations
1Multiple drug resistance in osteosarcoma. (Rosier RN, Teot LA, Hicks DG, Schwartz C, O'Keefe RJ, Puzas JE) Iowa Orthop J 1995;15:66-73       6 Citations
1Alpha 2-macroglobulin is present in and synthesized by the cornea. (Twining SS, Fukuchi T, Yue BY, Wilson PM, Zhou X, Loushin G) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1994 Jul;35(8):3226-33       32 Citations
1Herpes simplex encephalitis in the temporal cortex and limbic system after trigeminal nerve inoculation. (Barnett EM, Jacobsen G, Evans G, Cassell M, Perlman S) J Infect Dis 1994 Apr;169(4):782-6       57 Citations
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