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Publications indexed to the term Control Groups

1Assessing a biomarker's ability to reduce invasive procedures in patients with benign lung nodules: Results from the ORACLE study. (Pritchett MA, Sigal B, Bowling MR, Kurman JS, Pitcher T, Springmeyer SC, ORACLE Study Investigators) PLoS One 2023;18(7):e0287409    
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1Design and recruitment of the Chicago Healthy Living Study: a study of health behaviors in a diverse cohort of adult childhood cancer survivors. (Stolley MR, Sharp LK, Arroyo C, Ruffin C, Restrepo J, Campbell R) Cancer 2009 Sep 15;115(18 Suppl):4385-96       10 Citations
1Methodological issues in group-matching designs: alpha levels for control variable comparisons and measurement characteristics of control and target variables. (Mervis CB, Klein-Tasman BP) J Autism Dev Disord 2004 Feb;34(1):7-17       206 Citations