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Publications indexed to the term Microdissection

1Restructuring the vocal fold lamina propria with endoscopic microdissection. (Bartlett RS, Hoffman HT, Dailey SH, Bock JM, Klemuk SA, Askeland RW, Ahlrichs-Hanson JS, Heaford AC, Thibeault SL) Laryngoscope 2013 Nov;123(11):2780-6       6 Citations
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2Isoflurane preconditioning elicits competent endogenous mechanisms of protection from oxidative stress in cardiomyocytes derived from human embryonic stem cells. (Sepac A, Sedlic F, Si-Tayeb K, Lough J, Duncan SA, Bienengraeber M, Park F, Kim J, Bosnjak ZJ) Anesthesiology 2010 Oct;113(4):906-16       37 Citations
2Intramucosal distribution of WNT signaling components in human esophagus. (Ali I, Rafiee P, Zheng Y, Johnson C, Banerjee B, Haasler G, Jacob H, Shaker R) J Clin Gastroenterol 2009 Apr;43(4):327-37       9 Citations
1Targeted delivery of pharmacological agents into rat dorsal root ganglion. (Puljak L, Kojundzic SL, Hogan QH, Sapunar D) J Neurosci Methods 2009 Mar 15;177(2):397-402       20 Citations
1Profiling microdissected epithelium and stroma to model genomic signatures for cervical carcinogenesis accommodating for covariates. (Gius D, Funk MC, Chuang EY, Feng S, Huettner PC, Nguyen L, Bradbury CM, Mishra M, Gao S, Buttin BM, Cohn DE, Powell MA, Horowitz NS, Whitcomb BP, Rader JS) Cancer Res 2007 Aug 01;67(15):7113-23       62 Citations
1Microdissection-based allelotyping: a novel technique to determine the temporal sequence and biological aggressiveness of colorectal cancer. (Gamblin TC, Finkelstein SD, Upsal N, Kaye JD, Blumberg D) Am Surg 2006 May;72(5):445-53       6 Citations