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Publications indexed to the term Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy

1Prophylactic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Closed Laparotomy Incisions: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. (Kuper TM, Murphy PB, Kaur B, Ott MC) Ann Surg 2020 01;271(1):67-74       3 Citations
3Does Vacuum-assisted Closure Reduce the Risk of Wound Complications in Patients With Lower Extremity Sarcomas Treated With Preoperative Radiation? (Bedi M, King DM, DeVries J, Hackbarth DA, Neilson JC) Clin Orthop Relat Res 2019 04;477(4):768-774       4 Citations
1Randomized clinical trial of negative pressure wound therapy for high-risk groin wounds in lower extremity revascularization. (Lee K, Murphy PB, Ingves MV, Duncan A, DeRose G, Dubois L, Forbes TL, Power A) J Vasc Surg 2017 12;66(6):1814-1819       29 Citations
1Phase II Randomized Trial of Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy to Decrease Surgical Site Infection in Patients Undergoing Laparotomy for¬†Gastrointestinal, Pancreatic, and Peritoneal Surface Malignancies. (Shen P, Blackham AU, Lewis S, Clark CJ, Howerton R, Mogal HD, Dodson RM, Russell GB, Levine EA) J Am Coll Surg 2017 Apr;224(4):726-737       35 Citations
1Negative pressure therapy is effective in abdominal incision closure. (Kugler NW, Carver TW, Paul JS) J Surg Res 2016 06 15;203(2):491-4       13 Citations
1Negative pressure wound therapy use to decrease surgical nosocomial events in colorectal resections (NEPTUNE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. (Chadi SA, Vogt KN, Knowles S, Murphy PB, Van Koughnett JA, Brackstone M, Ott MC) Trials 2015 Jul 30;16:322       13 Citations
2Negative pressure wound therapy in infants and children: a single-institution experience. (Rentea RM, Somers KK, Cassidy L, Enters J, Arca MJ) J Surg Res 2013 Sep;184(1):658-64    
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