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Mesh term MutS Proteins

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Adenosine Triphosphatases
DNA Repair Enzymes
DNA-Binding Proteins


DNA repair proteins that include the bacterial MutS DNA mismatch-binding protein and its eukaryotic homologs that function in DNA MISMATCH REPAIR and recombination of DNA during MEIOSIS. MutS has a conserved mismatch recognition domain characterized by GxFxE, or similar AMINO ACID MOTIFS that also occur in eukaryotic homologs such as MSH1, MSH6, and MSH8. All MutS proteins also contain a highly-conserved ATP-binding domain and most have weak ATPase activity.

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MutS DNA Mismatch-Binding Protein
MutS Homolog 2 Protein
MutS Homolog 3 Protein

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