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The Faculty Collaboration Database (FCD) was developed to foster collaboration between faculty members of the Medical College of Wisconsin and with other members of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The goal of the FCD is to support and enhance the research advances, patient care needs, educational excellence and business requirements of the College. For more information, see the About page or view the Screencasts.

What's New

The Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center has been using the FCD to facilitate online membership applications, membership tracking, and reporting in preparation for the Cancer Center Support Grant application. For more information, including links to our online membership directory, click here

We have recently imported faculty from our CTSI partner institutions: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Marquette University, BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Milwaukee School of Engineering, and the Zablocki VA Medical Center. This will allow integrated search results across all of the institutions, enhancing collaboration.

We have also released a new NIH Biosketch feature. Information that already exists in your online profile or CV can be utilized to create Biosketches. Look for the Biosketch menu after logging in and give it a try.

Recent Publications Added to Faculty Profiles