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Frederick J. Kier PhD

Frederick J. Kier PhD profile photo picture

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Program: Public Psychiatry

Publications (10)

  • Effectiveness of a motivational interviewing intervention on medication compliance. (Minkin A, Snider-Meyer J, Olson D, Gresser S, Smith H, Kier FJ) Home Healthc Nurse 2014 Sep;32(8):490-6 PMID: 25171241 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84907030827 08/30/2014       3 Citations
  • A Comparison of a Veterans Directed Health Care Program vs. Community Nursing Home Placement. (Snider-Meyer, J.M, Minkin, A.J., Olson, D., Gresser, S., Smith, H.M., & Kier, F.J.) Federal Practitioner 30, 24-30. 10/01/2013    
  • Activity Preferences and Satisfaction among Older Adults in a VA Long Term Care Facility (Kracker, J., Kearns, K., Kier, F.J., & Christensen, K.A. ) Clinical Gerontologist 34, 103 – 116. 01/01/2011    
  • Assessing the need for decision-making capacity education in hospitals and long term care (LTC) settings (Shreve-Neiger, A., Houston, C.M., Christensen, K.A., & Kier, F. J. ) Educational Gerontology 34, 359 - 371 01/01/2008    
  • Assessment of capacity to make treatment decisions (Christensen, K.A., Houston, C., Shreve-Neiger, A., Kier, F.J., & Smith, J.K) Ethics in Psychotherapy 10, 1-8. 01/01/2007    
  • Effects of implementation of the Eden Alternative on a VA dementia care unit. (Kier, F.J., & Davis, T. ) Federal Practitioner. 24, 25-32. 01/01/2007    
  • An informed consent/substitute decision-making flow chart for clinical use at VA medical facilities (Kier, F. J., Hillock, L.R., Nossek, A.M., & Rabold, R. H. ) Federal Practitioner 22(2), 32-41 01/01/2005    
  • Unaddressed problems in the study of spirituality and health. (Kier FJ, Davenport DS) Am Psychol 2004 Jan;59(1):53-4; discussion 54-5 PMID: 14736330 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0742269056 01/23/2004       23 Citations
  • "Do-it-yourself" dementia testing: issues regarding an Alzheimer's home screening test. (Kier FJ, Molinari V) Gerontologist 2003 Jun;43(3):295-301 PMID: 12810892 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0038579373 06/18/2003       25 Citations
  • Obtaining age-related mental health competency: What is needed? (Molinari, V., Kier, F. J., & Kunik, M. E.) Educational Gerontology 28, (1), 73-82 01/01/2002    
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