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Sarah Bauer MD

Sarah Bauer MD profile photo picture

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pediatrics
Division: Hospitalist

Publications (9)

  • Pediatric Respiratory Illness Hospitalizations Prior to COVID-19 and During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Southeast Wisconsin. (Liljestrom T, Bauer SC, Moral F, Preloger E, Chelampath M) WMJ 2022 Apr;121(1):54-57 PMID: 35442580 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85128793236 04/21/2022    
  • An Opportunity in Cancer Prevention: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Delivery in the Hospital. (Moore E, Bauer SC, Rogers A, McFadden V) Hosp Pediatr 2022 05 01;12(5):e157-e162 PMID: 35419598 04/15/2022    
  • Using Quality Improvement Methodology to Increase Communication of Discharge Criteria on Rounds. (Christianson K, Kalinowski A, Bauer S, Liu Y, Titus L, Havas M, Lynch K, Rogers A) Hosp Pediatr 2022 02 01;12(2):156-164 PMID: 34988584 01/07/2022    
  • Quality Initiative to Increase Delivery of Adolescent Hospital-Based Reproductive Health Care. (McFadden V, Bauer SC, Porada K, Mehta S, Pickett ML) Hosp Pediatr 2022 01 01;12(1):53-61 PMID: 34918092 12/18/2021    
  • Using Electronic Health Record Tools to Decrease Antibiotic Exposure in Infant Sepsis Evaluation. (Bauer SC, Kaeppler C, Soung P, Porada K, Bushee G, Havens PL) Hosp Pediatr 2021 09;11(9):936-943 PMID: 34389551 08/15/2021    
  • Pediatric COVID-19 Delirium: Case Report of 2 Adolescents. (Bauer SC, Moral F, Preloger E, Spindler A, Roman M, Logan A, Sandage SJ, Manak C, Mitchell M) WMJ 2021 Jul;120(2):131-136 PMID: 34255953 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85111615460 07/14/2021       3 Citations
  • One Call Away: Addressing a Safety Gap for Urgent Issues Post Discharge. (Yale S, Bauer SC, Stephany A, Porada K, Liljestrom T) Hosp Pediatr 2021 06;11(6):632-635 PMID: 34045321 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85107541691 05/29/2021    
  • Letting Residents Lead: Implementing Resident Admission Triage Call Curriculum and Practice. (Bauer SC, McFadden V, Madhani K, Kaeppler C, Porada K, Weisgerber MC) Hosp Pediatr 2021 06;11(6):579-586 PMID: 34001562 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85107783318 05/19/2021    
  • The YaaA protein of the Escherichia coli OxyR regulon lessens hydrogen peroxide toxicity by diminishing the amount of intracellular unincorporated iron. (Liu Y, Bauer SC, Imlay JA) J Bacteriol 2011 May;193(9):2186-96 PMID: 21378183 PMCID: PMC3133076 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-79955542589 03/08/2011       44 Citations
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