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Tim Herman BS,PhD


Institution: Milwaukee School of Engineering
Department: Center for BioMolecular Modeling

Publications (5)

  • From Atoms to Cells: Using Mesoscale Landscapes to Construct Visual Narratives. (Goodsell DS, Franzen MA, Herman T) J Mol Biol 2018 10 19;430(21):3954-3968 PMID: 29885327 PMCID: PMC6186495 06/10/2018       10 Citations
  • Clinicopathologic Features and Radiation Therapy Utilization in Patients with Male Breast Cancer: A National Cancer Database Study. (Weir J, Zhao YD, Herman T, Algan Ö) Breast Cancer (Auckl) 2018;12:1178223418770687 PMID: 29881286 PMCID: PMC5987905 06/09/2018    
  • Protein structure in context: the molecular landscape of angiogenesis. (Span EA, Goodsell DS, Ramchandran R, Franzen MA, Herman T, Sem DS) Biochem Mol Biol Educ 2013 Jul-Aug;41(4):213-23 PMID: 23868376 PMCID: PMC4074543 07/23/2013       5 Citations
  • Rethinking outreach: teaching the process of science through modeling. (Herman T, Colton S, Franzen M) PLoS Biol 2008 Apr 08;6(4):e86 PMID: 18399722 PMCID: PMC2288631 04/11/2008       3 Citations
  • Tactile teaching: Exploring protein structure/function using physical models*. (Herman T, Morris J, Colton S, Batiza A, Patrick M, Franzen M, Goodsell DS) Biochem Mol Biol Educ 2006 Jul;34(4):247-54 PMID: 21638686 07/01/2006    
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