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Cancer Center Membership Guidelines

Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Cancer Center membership is open to individuals who have demonstrated an interest in cancer-related research and/or cancer-related clinical activities. Membership in the MCW Cancer Center is a privilege that provides several unique benefits. All Members:
  • Receive MCW Cancer Center publications and communications
  • Invitation to Annual Research Retreat
  • Priority access and negotiated rates to use MCW Cancer Center shared resources (All members should acknowledge any use of shared resources in their research publications.)
  • Opportunity to apply for MCW Cancer Center seed grant funding 
  • Opportunities for leadership in cancer research
  • Potential access to MCW Cancer Center space
  • Membership listing on the MCW Cancer Center Website

Application Process:

  1. Complete the electronic application and email required documentation to the Cancer Center
  2. Applicants will receive written notification of the decision indicating their type of membership following membership review.
Research Programs:
  • Cancer Biology (Leader: Carol L. Williams PhD)
  • Members of the CB research program investigate the biological aspects, abnormalities and chemical characteristics of cancer cells - signal transduction, mitochondrial biology, and metabolics - that lead to the development of up and downregulation targets and, ultimately, more effective methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.
  • Cancer Control (Leader: Joan Neuner MD, MPH)
  • The scientific goal of the CC research program is to foster and facilitate research designed to identify and reduce cancer risk and improve cancer outcomes/quality of life throughout the cancer care trajectory. Members also work to improve survivorship and quality of life for cancer patients receiving blood and bone marrow transplants. In so doing we strengthen the knowledge base for developing, implementing, evaluating and disseminating information important to our community to prevent and reduce cancer incidence, mortality and morbidity.
  • Discovery & Developmental Therapeutics (Leader: William R. Drobyski MD)
  • This Hematologic Malignancies and Transplantation program has been expanded to include solid tumors. Members of the DDT research program investigate new ways to reset and augment the immune system to fight cancer, and develop innovative new cancer drugs including immunotherapy and the use of profiling to develop personalized cancer therapies.
To apply, click the link below

MCW Faculty Member Application