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About the Faculty Collaboration Database

What can I find in the FCD?

Each faculty member has a profile available which provides basic information such as department, division, grants, and title. Faculty can add additional information such as research expertise, clinical expertise, methodologies, leadership positions, education and publications to create a more robust Profile. Faculty may also upload their complete Curriculum Vitae (CV). Faculty may choose to suppress select information on their CV so that information is not available to the public. Please note that individual faculty members are responsible for updating their Profile and CV on a regular basis.

How do I search the FCD?

The search feature of the system is designed to be simple to use, yet extensive in the presentation of the results. There is only one search box, and no options. With a given search term, we query all the data in the system, and present a summary of what we find and where we found it. We search across all fields, including the faculty name, their interests and expertise, their publications, and the grants they may be involved with. The user then decides where to go to narrow down the result and eventually find a faculty member to collaborate with. To make contact, use the Contact link provided on the Faculty member's profile page. A contact form was used to provide an initial communication mechanism without exposing the email address. Additional tips are available to aid in searching the FCD.

Where can I update my profile and CV?

Faculty may update their Profile and CV by logging into the FCD using the form above. Faculty are encouraged to update their Profile and CV on a regular basis. Search tips and instructional videos are available to assist you. If your CV is based on the CV Template, it can be easily uploaded into the system.

May I designate someone to update my Profile and CV on my behalf?

Yes, you may choose to designate another person. First they must contact us to create an account. Once the account is created, faculty must log into the FCD to add the Faculty Designee. Instructional videos are available to assist you in this process.

I am a faculty member and I keep receiving emails about confirming my publications from PubMed. Can you explain this email?

On a daily basis, we also run Pubmed queries on behalf of each faculty member, locating publications they may have authored. Because a simple name search is not always accurate, any publications found are placed in a pending state until confirmed by the faculty member. For advanced users, the default PubMed search query can be changed to provide for more relevant PubMed search results (for example, if there was a name change and one wishes to pick up articles published using a previous name). An email is sent as a notification to faculty to log into the FCD when pending publications need to be confirmed.

Can I control what information on my CV is made public?

Yes. When logged into the FCD, faculty may choose to mark specific fields public, protected, or private. Public fields are viewable by anyone with access to the internet who visits the FCD. Protected fields are only seen by those with credentials to log into the FCD. This means that the field can only be seen by MCW and partner institution faculty logged into the FCD. Private fields will not be displayed to the public searching the FCD and are only viewable by the individual faculty member.

How do I embed my list of publications on another webpage?

Using Javascript, publications may be embedded into a webpage. A typical example is a departmental webpage that currently lists selected publications. This can be replaced with some html code that will pull a certain number of recent publications from the FCD in realtime when the web page is accessed. Instructions for doing this are provided by the Web Council

Where can I get help with the FCD?

If you have any questions or suggestions you may fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.