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Aoy Tomita Mitchell PhD

Aoy Tomita Mitchell PhD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Surgery
Division: Pediatric Congenital Cardiac Surgery
Program: Pediatric Cardiothoracic-Mitchell Research

Member of the Cardiovascular Center


  • Impact of MYH6 variants in hypoplastic left heart syndrome. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Stamm KD, Mahnke DK, Kim MS, Hidestrand PM, Liang HL, Goetsch MA, Hidestrand M, Simpson P, Pelech AN, Tweddell JS, Benson DW, Lough JW, Mitchell ME) Physiol Genomics 2016 Dec 01;48(12):912-921 PMID: 27789736 PMCID: PMC5206387 10/30/2016
  • Ciliopathy variant burden and developmental delay in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. (Geddes GC, Stamm K, Mitchell M, Mussatto KA, Tomita-Mitchell A) Genet Med 2016 Oct 27 PMID: 27787502 10/28/2016
  • Effect of 22q11.2 deletion on bleeding and transfusion utilization in children with congenital heart disease undergoing cardiac surgery. (Brenner MK, Clarke S, Mahnke DK, Simpson P, Bercovitz RS, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell ME, Newman DK) Pediatr Res 2016 Feb;79(2):318-24 PMID: 26492284 PMCID: PMC5114022 10/23/2015
  • Activin-A and Bmp4 levels modulate cell type specification during CHIR-induced cardiomyogenesis. (Kim MS, Horst A, Blinka S, Stamm K, Mahnke D, Schuman J, Gundry R, Tomita-Mitchell A, Lough J) PLoS One 2015;10(2):e0118670 PMID: 25706534 PMCID: PMC4338295 02/24/2015
  • Use of cell-free fetal DNA in maternal plasma for noninvasive prenatal screening. (Wagner AJ, Mitchell ME, Tomita-Mitchell A) Clin Perinatol 2014 Dec;41(4):957-66 PMID: 25459783 12/03/2014
  • The inferred cardiogenic gene regulatory network in the mammalian heart. (Bazil JN, Stamm KD, Li X, Thiagarajan R, Nelson TJ, Tomita-Mitchell A, Beard DA) PLoS One 2014;9(6):e100842 PMID: 24971943 PMCID: PMC4074065 06/28/2014
  • Chromosomal Imbalances in Patients with Congenital Cardiac Defects: A Meta-analysis Reveals Novel Potential Critical Regions Involved in Heart Development. (Thorsson T, Russell WW, El-Kashlan N, Soemedi R, Levine J, Geisler SB, Ackley T, Tomita-Mitchell A, Rosenfeld JA, Töpf A, Tayeh M, Goodship J, Innis JW, Keavney B, Russell MW) Congenit Heart Dis 2015 May-Jun;10(3):193-208 PMID: 24720490 04/12/2014
  • Highly sensitive noninvasive cardiac transplant rejection monitoring using targeted quantification of donor-specific cell-free deoxyribonucleic acid. (Hidestrand M, Tomita-Mitchell A, Hidestrand PM, Oliphant A, Goetsch M, Stamm K, Liang HL, Castleberry C, Benson DW, Stendahl G, Simpson PM, Berger S, Tweddell JS, Zangwill S, Mitchell ME) J Am Coll Cardiol 2014 Apr 01;63(12):1224-1226 PMID: 24140666 PMCID: PMC4988656 10/22/2013
  • Use of combination chemotherapy for treatment of granulomatous and lymphocytic interstitial lung disease (GLILD) in patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). (Chase NM, Verbsky JW, Hintermeyer MK, Waukau JK, Tomita-Mitchell A, Casper JT, Singh S, Shahir KS, Tisol WB, Nugent ML, Rao RN, Mackinnon AC, Goodman LR, Simpson PM, Routes JM) J Clin Immunol 2013 Jan;33(1):30-9 PMID: 22930256 PMCID: PMC3557581 08/30/2012
  • Human gene copy number spectra analysis in congenital heart malformations. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Mahnke DK, Struble CA, Tuffnell ME, Stamm KD, Hidestrand M, Harris SE, Goetsch MA, Simpson PM, Bick DP, Broeckel U, Pelech AN, Tweddell JS, Mitchell ME) Physiol Genomics 2012 May 01;44(9):518-41 PMID: 22318994 PMCID: PMC3426426 02/10/2012
  • Influence of temperature during transportation on cell-free DNA analysis. (Hidestrand M, Stokowski R, Song K, Oliphant A, Deavers J, Goetsch M, Simpson P, Kuhlman R, Ames M, Mitchell M, Tomita-Mitchell A) Fetal Diagn Ther 2012;31(2):122-8 PMID: 22261730 01/21/2012
  • Selective analysis of cell-free DNA in maternal blood for evaluation of fetal trisomy. (Sparks AB, Wang ET, Struble CA, Barrett W, Stokowski R, McBride C, Zahn J, Lee K, Shen N, Doshi J, Sun M, Garrison J, Sandler J, Hollemon D, Pattee P, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell M, Stuelpnagel J, Song K, Oliphant A) Prenat Diagn 2012 Jan;32(1):3-9 PMID: 22223233 PMCID: PMC3500507 01/10/2012
  • Exploring the environmental and genetic etiologies of congenital heart defects: the Wisconsin Pediatric Cardiac Registry. (Harris SE, Cronk C, Cassidy LD, Simpson P, Tomita-Mitchell A, Pelech AN) J Registry Manag 2011;38(1):24-9 PMID: 22097702 11/22/2011
  • Making a definitive diagnosis: successful clinical application of whole exome sequencing in a child with intractable inflammatory bowel disease. (Worthey EA, Mayer AN, Syverson GD, Helbling D, Bonacci BB, Decker B, Serpe JM, Dasu T, Tschannen MR, Veith RL, Basehore MJ, Broeckel U, Tomita-Mitchell A, Arca MJ, Casper JT, Margolis DA, Bick DP, Hessner MJ, Routes JM, Verbsky JW, Jacob HJ, Dimmock DP) Genet Med 2011 Mar;13(3):255-62 PMID: 21173700 12/22/2010
  • Non-invasive prenatal detection of trisomy 21 using tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms. (Ghanta S, Mitchell ME, Ames M, Hidestrand M, Simpson P, Goetsch M, Thilly WG, Struble CA, Tomita-Mitchell A) PLoS One 2010 Oct 08;5(10):e13184 PMID: 20949031 PMCID: PMC2951898 10/16/2010
  • Report of the pediatric heart network and national heart, lung, and blood institute working group on the perioperative management of congenital heart disease. (Kaltman JR, Andropoulos DB, Checchia PA, Gaynor JW, Hoffman TM, Laussen PC, Ohye RG, Pearson GD, Pigula F, Tweddell J, Wernovsky G, Del Nido P, Perioperative Working Group) Circulation 2010 Jun 29;121(25):2766-72 PMID: 20585021 06/30/2010
  • Multiplexed quantitative real-time PCR to detect 22q11.2 deletion in patients with congenital heart disease. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Mahnke DK, Larson JM, Ghanta S, Feng Y, Simpson PM, Broeckel U, Duffy K, Tweddell JS, Grossman WJ, Routes JM, Mitchell ME) Physiol Genomics 2010 Sep;42A(1):52-60 PMID: 20551144 PMCID: PMC2957771 06/17/2010
  • Metakaryotic stem cell lineages in organogenesis of humans and other metazoans. (Gostjeva EV, Koledova V, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell M, Goetsch MA, Varmuza S, Fomina JN, Darroudi F, Thilly WG) Organogenesis 2009 Oct;5(4):191-200 PMID: 20539738 PMCID: PMC2878747 06/12/2010
  • Metakaryotic stem cell lineages in organogenesis of humans and other metazoans. (Gostjeva EV, Koledova V, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell M, Goetsch MA, Varmuza S, Fomina JN, Darroudi F, Thilly WG) Organogenesis 2009 Oct;5(4):109-18 PMID: 20357967 PMCID: PMC2808621 04/02/2010
  • Investigation of somatic NKX2-5 mutations in congenital heart disease. (Draus JM Jr, Hauck MA, Goetsch M, Austin EH 3rd, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell ME) J Med Genet 2009 Feb;46(2):115-22 PMID: 19181906 PMCID: PMC2628540 02/03/2009
  • GATA4 sequence variants in patients with congenital heart disease. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Maslen CL, Morris CD, Garg V, Goldmuntz E) J Med Genet 2007 Dec;44(12):779-83 PMID: 18055909 PMCID: PMC2652815 12/07/2007
  • The molecular basis of congenital heart disease. (Mitchell ME, Sander TL, Klinkner DB, Tomita-Mitchell A) Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2007;19(3):228-37 PMID: 17983950 11/07/2007
  • Spectrum of heart disease associated with murine and human GATA4 mutation. (Rajagopal SK, Ma Q, Obler D, Shen J, Manichaikul A, Tomita-Mitchell A, Boardman K, Briggs C, Garg V, Srivastava D, Goldmuntz E, Broman KW, Benson DW, Smoot LB, Pu WT) J Mol Cell Cardiol 2007 Dec;43(6):677-85 PMID: 17643447 PMCID: PMC2573470 07/24/2007
  • Molecular and cellular basis of congenital heart disease. (Sander TL, Klinkner DB, Tomita-Mitchell A, Mitchell ME) Pediatr Clin North Am 2006 Oct;53(5):989-1009, x PMID: 17027620 10/10/2006
  • Design of an automated multicapillary instrument with fraction collection for DNA mutation discovery by constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis (CDCE). (Li Q, Deka C, Glassner BJ, Arnold K, Li-Sucholeiki XC, Tomita-Mitchell A, Thilly WG, Karger BL) J Sep Sci 2005 Aug;28(12):1375-89 PMID: 16138690 09/06/2005
  • Scanning the beta-globin gene for mutations in large populations by denaturing capillary and gel electrophoresis. (Li-Sucholeiki XC, Hu G, Perls T, Tomita-Mitchell A, Thilly WG) Electrophoresis 2005 Jun;26(13):2531-8 PMID: 15948210 06/11/2005
  • Detection and frequency estimation of rare variants in pools of genomic DNA from large populations using mutational spectrometry. (Li-Sucholeiki XC, Tomita-Mitchell A, Arnold K, Glassner BJ, Thompson T, Murthy JV, Berk L, Lange C, Leong-Morgenthaler PM, MacDougall D, Munro J, Cannon D, Mistry T, Miller A, Deka C, Karger B, Gillespie KM, Ekstrøm PO, Todd JA, Thilly WG) Mutat Res 2005 Mar 01;570(2):267-80 PMID: 15708585 02/15/2005
  • Diversity and dynamics of a north atlantic coastal Vibrio community. (Thompson JR, Randa MA, Marcelino LA, Tomita-Mitchell A, Lim E, Polz MF) Appl Environ Microbiol 2004 Jul;70(7):4103-10 PMID: 15240289 PMCID: PMC444776 07/09/2004
  • The mutational spectrum of the HPRT gene from human T cells in vivo shares a significant concordant set of hot spots with MNNG-treated human cells. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Ling LL, Glover CL, Goodluck-Griffith J, Thilly WG) Cancer Res 2003 Sep 15;63(18):5793-8 PMID: 14522901 10/03/2003
  • Identification of in vivo mutations in exon 5 of the human HPRT gene in a set of pooled T-cell mutants by constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis (CDCE). (Fält S, Kumar R, Wennborg A, Tomita-Mitchell A, Thilly WG, Lambert B) Mutat Res 2000 Jul 20;452(1):57-66 PMID: 10894891 07/15/2000
  • Mismatch repair deficient human cells: spontaneous and MNNG-induced mutational spectra in the HPRT gene. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Kat AG, Marcelino LA, Li-Sucholeiki XC, Goodluck-Griffith J, Thilly WG) Mutat Res 2000 May 30;450(1-2):125-38 PMID: 10838138 06/06/2000
  • Population risk and physiological rate parameters for colon cancer. The union of an explicit model for carcinogenesis with the public health records of the United States. (Herrero-Jimenez P, Tomita-Mitchell A, Furth EE, Morgenthaler S, Thilly WG) Mutat Res 2000 Jan 17;447(1):73-116 PMID: 10686307 02/25/2000
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism spectra in newborns and centenarians: identification of genes coding for rise of mortal disease. (Tomita-Mitchell A, Muniappan BP, Herrero-Jimenez P, Zarbl H, Thilly WG) Gene 1998 Nov 26;223(1-2):381-91 PMID: 9858772 12/22/1998
  • Mutation, cell kinetics, and subpopulations at risk for colon cancer in the United States. (Herrero-Jimenez P, Thilly G, Southam PJ, Tomita-Mitchell A, Morgenthaler S, Furth EE, Thilly WG) Mutat Res 1998 May 25;400(1-2):553-78 PMID: 9685710 08/01/1998
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