Medical College of Wisconsin
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John B. Erickson DO

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery
Program: Pediatrics

Publications (3)

  • MRI in idiopathic, stable, slipped capital femoral epiphysis: evaluation of contralateral pre-slip. (Balch Samora J, Adler B, Druhan S, Brown SA, Erickson J, Samora WP, Klingele KE) J Child Orthop 2018 Oct 01;12(5):454-460 PMID: 30294369 PMCID: PMC6169561 10/09/2018    
  • Treatment of chronic, stable slipped capital femoral epiphysis via surgical hip dislocation with combined osteochondroplasty and Imhauser osteotomy. (Erickson JB, Samora WP, Klingele KE) J Child Orthop 2017 Aug 01;11(4):284-288 PMID: 28904634 PMCID: PMC5584497 09/15/2017    
  • Ankle Injuries in the Pediatric Athlete. (Erickson JB, Samora WP, Klingele KE) Sports Med Arthrosc Rev 2016 Dec;24(4):170-177 PMID: 27811516 11/05/2016       3 Citations
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