Medical College of Wisconsin
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Matthew J. Dellinger PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Institute for Health and Equity
Division: Epidemiology
Program: Administration

Member of the Cancer Center


  • Fatty Acids in Ten Species of Fish Commonly Consumed by the Anishinaabe of the Upper Great Lakes. (Dellinger MJ, Olson J, Holub B, Ripley MP) J Great Lakes Res 2018 Jun;44(3):521-526 PMID: 30270966 PMCID: PMC6157921 10/03/2018    
  • Mercury, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Selenium, and Fatty Acids in Tribal Fish Harvests of the Upper Great Lakes. (Dellinger MJ, Olson JT, Holub BJ, Ripley MP) Risk Anal 2018 10;38(10):2029-2040 PMID: 29750842 PMCID: PMC6173632 05/12/2018    
  • Maternal methylmercury from a wild-caught walleye diet induces developmental abnormalities in zebrafish. (Liu Q, Klingler RH, Wimpee B, Dellinger M, King-Heiden T, Grzybowski J, Gerstenberger SL, Weber DN, Carvan MJ 3rd) Reprod Toxicol 2016 10;65:272-282 PMID: 27544571 08/22/2016       4 Citations
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