Medical College of Wisconsin
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Xue-Cheng Liu PhD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery
Program: Research

Research Experience

  • Kinematics and kinetics, spinal image and biomechanics, orthotics, and growth modulation
  • Clinical Expertise

  • Clinical researches related to orthopaedic deformities in pediatric population: scoliosis, clubfoot, cerebral palsy, and sport injuries
  • Publications

  • Effect of lower-level laser therapy on rabbit tibial fracture. (Liu X, Lyon R, Meier HT, Thometz J, Haworth ST) Photomed Laser Surg 2007 Dec;25(6):487-94 PMID: 18158750 12/27/2007
  • Kinematic and kinetic evaluation of the ankle joint before and after tendo achilles lengthening in patients with spastic diplegia. (Lyon R, Liu X, Schwab J, Harris G) J Pediatr Orthop 2005 Jul-Aug;25(4):479-83 PMID: 15958899 06/17/2005
  • Last update: 07/23/2010