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Protein-energy nutritional status of pediatric cancer patients. Am J Clin Nutr 1981 Nov;34(11):2486-92 PMID: 6795917

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Surveys of protein-energy nutritional status were conducted in pediatric cancer outpatients (28) and inpatients (71). In the outpatients, the approximate prevalences of severe (greater than 40%) deviations of weight, triceps skinfold, and arm muscle area below the medians for height-age were respectively 0, 14, and 0%. In the inpatients, these prevalences were respectively 1, 20, and 6%. The percentages of inpatients with abnormally low (less than 5th percentile) weight-for-height, triceps skinfold, and arm muscle area were 14, 14, and 20%, respectively. All inpatients with triceps skinfold or arm muscle area less than 60% of the median for height-age had corresponding percentile values of less than 15.

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Kien CL, Camitta BM


Bruce M. Camitta MD Clinical Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin


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