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Asymptomatic reopening of ductus arteriosus after successful closure by indomethacin in premature infants. Zhonghua Min Guo Xiao Er Ke Yi Xue Hui Za Zhi 1993 Sep-Oct;34(5):379-84 PMID: 8237357


Indomethacin has been demonstrated to be effective for closure of hemodynamically symptomatic patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in premature infants. The five cases in this study had acquired asymptomatic reopening of PDA a long time after successful closure by oral indomethacin. Providing adequate oxygen, giving another course of indomethacin, preventing excessive fluid intake and keeping hematocrit level greater than 40% had been tried to close the ducti but all in vain. However, most could be expected to close spontaneously later. Herein, the possible contributing factors and the treatment rationale are discussed.

Author List

Yen SL, Teng RJ, Ho MM


Ru-Jeng Teng MD Associate Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Ductus Arteriosus, Patent
Infant, Newborn
Infant, Premature
Infant, Premature, Diseases

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