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Transforming growth factor beta 1 preserves endothelial function after multiple brief coronary artery occlusions and reperfusion. Am Heart J 1994 Jun;127(6):1456-61



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The objective of this investigation was to determine the effect of transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) on endothelium-dependent relaxation in isolated epicardial coronary artery rings obtained from anesthetized dogs after multiple brief episodes of coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion in vivo. Dogs were subjected to four 5-minute periods of left anterior descending coronary artery occlusion interspersed with 5 minutes of reperfusion and followed by a final 1-hour period of reperfusion. Normal left circumflex coronary arteries were used as control samples. Repetitive ischemia and reperfusion significantly (p < 0.01) inhibited the relaxation response to acetylcholine in rings preconstricted with potassium. In an additional group of dogs subjected to the same protocol, 10 micrograms of human recombinant TGF-beta 1 was infused into the left anterior descending coronary artery distal to the site of occlusion via a diagonal branch at 0.3 ml/min immediately before and during the repetitive occlusions and reperfusions. TGF-beta 1 prevented impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation after multiple brief occlusions and reperfusions. These results demonstrate a protective role for TGF-beta 1 in the endothelial injury that occurs during repeated episodes of coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion.

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Kenny D, Coughlan MG, Pagel PS, Kampine JP, Warltier DC


Paul S. Pagel MD, PhD Professor in the Anesthesiology department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Coronary Circulation
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Myocardial Reperfusion
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Recombinant Proteins
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Transforming Growth Factor beta
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