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Technology-enhanced practice for patients with chronic cardiac disease: home implementation and evaluation. Heart Lung 2010 Nov-Dec;39(6 Suppl):S34-46 PMID: 21092830 PMCID: PMC3033014


OBJECTIVE: This 3-year field experiment engaged 60 nurses and 282 patients in the design and evaluation of an innovative home-care nursing model, referred to as technology-enhanced practice (TEP).

METHODS: Nurses using TEP augmented the usual care with a web-based resource (HeartCareII) that provided patients with self-management information, self-monitoring tools, and messaging services.

RESULTS: Patients exposed to TEP demonstrated better quality of life and self-management of chronic heart disease during the first 4 weeks, and were no more likely than patients in usual care to make unplanned visits to a clinician or hospital. Both groups demonstrated the same long-term symptom management and achievements in health status.

CONCLUSION: This project provides new evidence that the purposeful creation of patient-tailored web resources within a hospital portal is possible; that nurses have difficulty with modifying their practice routines, even with a highly-tailored web resource; and that the benefits of this intervention are more discernable in the early postdischarge stages of care.

Author List

Brennan PF, Casper GR, Burke LJ, Johnson KA, Brown R, Valdez RS, Sebern M, Perez OA, Sturgeon B


Margaret Sebern PhD Assistant Professor in the Nursing department at Marquette University

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Chronic Disease
Computer-Assisted Instruction
Computing Methodologies
Educational Technology
Heart Diseases
Home Care Services
Long-Term Care
Middle Aged
Models, Nursing
Nurse-Patient Relations
Nursing Methodology Research
Patient Discharge
Patient Education as Topic
Patient Participation
Public Health Nursing
Quality of Life
Self Care

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