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Measuring elderly care through the use of a nursing conceptual model and the international classification for nursing practice(®). Int J Nurs Knowl 2012 Oct;23(3):146-52



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INTRODUCTION:   Nursing models and terminologies can contribute to research the nature of nursing care.

AIM:   The aim of this study was to describe nursing diagnoses in acute- and long-term elderly care.

METHODS:   A point prevalence survey was conducted on 240 patients. The International Classification for Nursing Practice was used to describe nursing diagnoses, and a conceptual model was used to categorize them in nursing needs.

RESULTS:   A total of 2,673 diagnoses were detected. Mean was higher in nursing home than in hospital (t test =-3.688; p = .0003). Prevalent diagnoses were significantly different.

DISCUSSION:   High complexity, with different issues for nurses, was observed both in acute- and in long-term settings.

CONCLUSION:   The results could help to comprehend the nature of older persons needs and could contribute to the development of an International Classification for Nursing Practice catalogue for elderly care.

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Ausili D, Sironi C, Rasero L, Coenen A


Amy Coenen PhD Professor in the Nursing department at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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Models, Nursing
Quality of Health Care
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