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Pretransplantation consolidation chemotherapy decreases leukemia relapse after autologous blood and bone marrow transplants for acute myelogenous leukemia in first remission. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 2006 Feb;12(2):204-16 PMID: 16443518

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Controversy exists over whether pretransplantation consolidation chemotherapy affects the outcome of subsequent autotransplantation for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). The current study was undertaken to determine the association between previous consolidation and outcome of autotransplantation for AML in first remission. Posttransplantation outcomes of 146 patients receiving no consolidation were compared with those of 244 patients receiving standard-dose (<1 gm/m(2)) and 249 patients receiving high-dose (1-3 gm/m(2)) cytarabine, using proportional hazards regression to adjust for differences in prognostic variables. One-year transplantation-related mortality was similar among the cohorts. Five-year relapse rates were 49% (95% confidence interval CI} = 39%-58%) with no consolidation, 35% (95% CI = 29%-42%) with standard-dose cytarabine, and 40% (95% CI = 33%-48%) with high-dose cytarabine (P = .07). Five-year leukemia-free survival rates were 39% (95% CI = 30%-47%) with no consolidation, 53% (95% CI = 46%-60%) with standard-dose cytarabine, and 48% (95% CI = 40%-56%) with high-dose cytarabine (P = .03). Similarly, 5-year overall survival was better in those patients receiving consolidation: 42% (95% CI = 34%-51%) with no consolidation, 59% (95% CI = 52%-65%) with standard-dose cytarabine, and 54% (95% CI = 46%-61%) with high-dose cytarabine (P = .01). Although most patients received 1 or 2 cycles of consolidation, the number of courses had no detectable effect on transplantation outcome. In multivariate analysis, risks of relapse and treatment failure were lower in the patients receiving consolidation, especially among those patients receiving blood cell grafts. Outcomes with standard-dose and high-dose cytarabine were similar. Based on our findings, we recommend that patients with AML in first remission receive consolidation before undergoing autotransplantation.

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Tallman MS, Pérez WS, Lazarus HM, Gale RP, Maziarz RT, Rowe JM, Marks DI, Cahn JY, Bashey A, Bishop MR, Christiansen N, Frankel SR, García JJ, Ilhan O, Laughlin MJ, Liesveld J, Linker C, Litzow MR, Luger S, McCarthy PL, Milone GA, Pavlovsky S, Phillips GL, Russell JA, Saez RA, Schiller G, Sierra J, Weiner RS, Zander AR, Zhang MJ, Keating A, Weisdorf DJ, Horowitz MM


Mary M. Horowitz MD, MS Center Director, Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Mei-Jie Zhang PhD Professor in the Institute for Health and Equity department at Medical College of Wisconsin


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