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Analysis of Zinc-Exporters Expression in Prostate Cancer. Sci Rep 2016 11 11;6:36772



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Maintaining optimal intracellular zinc (Zn) concentration is crucial for critical cellular functions. Depleted Zn has been associated with prostate cancer (PCa) progression. Solute carrier family 30 (SLC30A) proteins maintain cytoplasmic Zn balance by exporting Zn out to the extracellular space or by sequestering cytoplasmic Zn into intracellular compartments. In this study, we determined the involvement of Zn-exporters, SLC30A 1-10 in PCa, in the context of racial health disparity in human PCa samples obtained from European-American (EA) and African-American (AA) populations. We also analyzed the levels of Zn-exporters in a panel of PCa cells derived from EA and AA populations. We further explored the expression profile of Zn-exporters in PCa using Oncomine database. Zn-exporters were found to be differentially expressed at the mRNA level, with a significant upregulation of SLC30A1, SLC30A9 and SLC30A10, and downregulation of SLC30A5 and SLC30A6 in PCa, compared to benign prostate. Moreover, Ingenuity Pathway analysis revealed several interactions of Zn-exporters with certain tumor suppressor and promoter proteins known to be modulated in PCa. Our study provides an insight regarding Zn-exporters in PCa, which may open new avenues for future studies aimed at enhancing the levels of Zn by modulating Zn-transporters via pharmacological means.

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Singh CK, Malas KM, Tydrick C, Siddiqui IA, Iczkowski KA, Ahmad N


Kenneth A. Iczkowski MD Professor in the Pathology department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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