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A retrospective statistical analysis of high-grade soft tissue sarcomas. Med Oncol 2012 Jun;29(2):1335-44



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Soft-tissue sarcomas have a mortality rate ranging from 40-60% for high-grade lesions. Prior identified risk factors for post-surgical mortality include tumor size, lesion histology, and margin status at resection. A better understanding of prognostic factors is needed to guide patient counseling and treatment. Data were collected from 129 patients surgically treated for high-grade extremity soft tissue sarcomas during 2002-2010. The primary endpoint was death related to high-grade soft tissue sarcoma. Thirteen variables were investigated: age, gender, race, tumor size, margin status, location, estimated blood loss, operative blood transfusions, pre-operative metastatic disease, pre-operative radiation, post-operative radiation, pre-operative chemotherapy, and post-operative chemotherapy. A Cox Survival Analysis model was created to determine the best predictors of survival time. Tumor size and the presence of pre-surgical metastasis were statistically significant predictors of overall survival. Patients with a tumor greater than 8 cm in any cross section had a 3.15 times greater chance of death. Presence of pre-surgical metastasis carried a 3.47 greater chance of death. The remaining variables did not predict patient outcomes in a statistically significant manner. The hazard ratios calculated add new data and can be used to more effectively guide patients in prognosis and treatment regimens.

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Kolovich GG, Wooldridge AN, Christy JM, Crist MK, Mayerson JL, Scharschmidt TJ


Adam Neal Wooldridge MD, MPH Assistant Professor in the Orthopaedic Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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