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Intraoral Pain Disorders. Oral Maxillofac Surg Clin North Am 2016 Aug;28(3):275-88 PMID: 27475507

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Those experiencing intraoral pain associated with dental and oral diseases are likely to pursue treatment from medical and dental providers. The causes for intraoral pain include odontogenic, periodontal, oral mucosal, or contiguous hard and soft tissue structures to the oral cavity. Providers should be vigilant when diagnosing these, as they should be among the first in their differential diagnoses to be ruled out. This review provides brief overviews of frequently encountered oral/dental diseases that cause intraoral pain, originating from the teeth, the surrounding mucosa and gingivae, tongue, bone, and salivary glands and their causes, features, diagnosis, and management strategies.

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Edens MH, Khaled Y, NapeƱas JJ


Yasser Khaled BDS, MDSc, MMSc Assistant Professor in the School of Dentistry department at Marquette University


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Diagnosis, Differential
Facial Pain
Mouth Diseases
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