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Asymptotic properties of maximum likelihood estimators with sample size recalculation. Stat Pap (Berl) 2019 Apr;60(2):373-394



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Consider an experiment in which the primary objective is to determine the significance of a treatment effect at a predetermined type I error and statistical power. Assume that the sample size required to maintain these type I error and power will be re-estimated at an interim analysis. A secondary objective is to estimate the treatment effect. Our main finding is that the asymptotic distributions of standardized statistics are random mixtures of distributions, which are non-normal except under certain model choices for sample size re-estimation (SSR). Monte-Carlo simulation studies and an illustrative example highlight the fact that asymptotic distributions of estimators with SSR may differ from the asymptotic distribution of the same estimators without SSR.

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Tarima S, Flournoy N


Sergey S. Tarima PhD Associate Professor in the Institute for Health and Equity department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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