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The relationship between chronic paediatric feeding disorders and caregiver stress. J Child Health Care 2021 03;25(1):69-80



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Paediatric feeding disorders (PFDs) are common. Earlier studies have shown an association between PFD and caregiver stress, but these studies have been hampered by insufficient power. This study reports stress for caregivers of children diagnosed with PFD. These caregivers were then compared to community norms of the Parental Stress Index-Short Form. Caregivers also completed the Mealtime Behaviour Questionnaire, Child Behaviour Checklist and Child Development Inventory. Linear regression and hierarchical regression analyses assessed the relationship among the variables. Caregivers of 840 children with PFD responded. Negative child behaviours and lower child developmental function predicted higher levels of total parenting stress, parental distress, parent-child dysfunctional interaction and caregiver perceptions of their child as difficult. Higher rates of child internalizing and externalizing problems and child mealtime aggression were associated with parent perceptions of their child as difficult and contributed to total parental stress. Parents of older children reported higher levels of stress, whereas parents of younger children were more likely to be defensive responders. Overall, parents of children with PFD have more caregiver-related stress. These caregivers may benefit from consultations with mental health professionals to provide the most appropriate care to affected families.

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Silverman AH, Erato G, Goday P


Praveen Sundaraj Goday MBBS Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Alan Silverman PhD Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin