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Gastric emptying in healthy children using the Spirulina breath test: The impact of gender, body size, and pubertal development. Neurogastroenterol Motil 2021 Jun;33(6):e14063



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BACKGROUND: There are no pediatric norms for gastric emptying (GE) measured by nuclear scintigraphy. The 13 C-labeled, stable isotope GE breath test (GEBT) is a non-radioactive alternative. We aimed to determine normative GEBT ranges in a cohort of healthy children and examine the influence of age, gender, puberty, and body surface area (BSA).

METHODS: Healthy children ages 8-18 years completed the [13 C]-Spirulina platensis GEBT after an overnight fast. Breath samples were collected at baseline, every 15 min × 1 h, then every 30 min for 4 h total. The 13 CO2 excretion rate was determined by the change in 13 CO2 /12 CO2 over time in each breath sample, expressed as kPCD (Percent 13 C Dose excreted/min). A mixed model with random time was used for multivariable analysis and outcome fit into a quadratic model.

KEY RESULTS: The 100 subjects completed the test meal within allotted time. Median (IQR) age was 13.5 (11.3-15.5) years; 51% were female. Females had lower 13 CO2 excretion rates (slower GE) than males across time (p < 0.001) while decreased excretion rates correlated with higher BSA (p = 0.015). Gender differences were also noted within pubertal stages with females showing slower GE. Multivariable analysis suggested that pre-pubertal children have faster GE than both peri- and post-pubertal groups (p < 0.0001).

CONCLUSIONS & INFERENCES: Gender, puberty, and BSA influence GE rates in healthy children more than age. Although further data are needed, pubertal stage and hormonal influences may be unique factors to consider when assessing GE in children.

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Kovacic K, Zhang L, Nugent Liegl M, Pawela L, Simpson P, Sood MR


Katja K. Karrento MD Associate Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Pippa M. Simpson PhD Adjunct Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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