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The Chest Wall Injury Society Recommendations for Reporting Studies of Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures. Injury 2021 Jun;52(6):1241-1250



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BACKGROUND: Publications investigating the efficacy of surgical stabilization of rib fractures (SSRF) have increased exponentially. However, there is currently no standardized reporting structure for these studies, rendering both comparisons and extrapolation problematic.

METHODS: A subject matter expert group was formed by the Chest Wall Injury Society. This group conducted a review of the SSRF investigational literature and identified variable reporting within several general categories of relevant parameters. A compliment of guidelines was then generated.

RESULTS: The reporting guidelines consist of 26 recommendations in the categories of: (1) study type, (2) patient and injury characteristics, (3) patient treatments, (4) outcomes, and (5) statistical considerations.

CONCLUSION: Our review identified inconsistencies in reporting within the investigational SSRF literature. In response to these inconsistencies, we propose a set of recommendations to standardize reporting of original investigations into the efficacy of SSRF.

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Pieracci FM, Schubl S, Gasparri M, Delaplain P, Kirsch J, Towe C, White TW, Whitbeck S, Doben AR


Mario G. Gasparri MD Professor in the Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Fracture Fixation
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