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Variable effects of the mitoK(ATP) channel modulators diazoxide and 5-HD in ATP-depleted renal epithelial cells. Mol Cell Biochem 2010 Feb;335(1-2):211-22



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The role of mitochondrial K(ATP) (mitoK(ATP)) channels in renal ischemia-reperfusion injury is controversial with studies showing both protective and deleterious effects. In this study, we compared the effects of the putative mitoK(ATP) opener, diazoxide, and the mitoK(ATP) blocker, 5-hydroxydecanoate (5-HD) on cytotoxicity and apoptosis in tubular epithelial cells derived from rat (NRK-52E) and pig (LLC-PK1) following in vitro ischemic injury. Following ATP depletion-recovery, there was a significant increase in cytotoxicity in both NRK cells and LLC-PK1 cells although NRK cells were more sensitive to the injury. Diazoxide treatment attenuated cytotoxicity in both cell types and 5-HD treatment-increased cytotoxicity in the sensitive NRK cells in a superoxide-dependant manner. The protective effect of diazoxide was also reversed in the presence of 5-HD in ATP-depleted NRK cells. The ATP depletion-mediated increase in superoxide was enhanced by both diazoxide and 5-HD with the effect being more pronounced in the cells undergoing 5-HD treatment. Further, ATP depletion-induced activation of caspase-3 was decreased by diazoxide in NRK cells. In order to determine the signaling pathways involved in apoptosis, we examined the activation of Erk and JNK in ATP-depleted NRK cells. Diazoxide-activated Erk in ATP-depleted cells, but did not have any effect on JNK activation. In contrast, 5-HD did not impact Erk levels but increased JNK activation even under controlled conditions. Further, the use of a JNK inhibitor with 5-HD reversed the deleterious effects of 5-HD. This study demonstrates that in cells that are sensitive to ATP depletion-recovery, mitoK(ATP) channels protect against ATP depletion-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis through Erk- and JNK-dependant mechanisms.

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Nilakantan V, Liang H, Mortensen J, Taylor E, Johnson CP


Christopher P. Johnson MD Professor in the Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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