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Dupuytren Cords Do Not Undergo Significant Histopathological Change After Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum Injection. Hand (N Y) 2023 Sep;18(6):912-917



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Background: Dupuytren disease creates thickened cords of the palmar fascia, leading to progressive flexion contractures that severely hinder hand function. Collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) injection is a common, minimally invasive alternative to surgical excision of these cords. The impact of CCH injection on the histological architecture of Dupuytren cords has not been studied extensively. Methods: A series of 10 CCH-injected cords were evaluated histologically. Cellularity, architecture, and connective tissue organization were compared against uninjected Dupuytren cords and normal palmar fascia. Results: No significant histopathological differences between CCH-injected and CCH-uninjected cords were identified. Conclusions: Dupuytren cords do not demonstrate histological changes with prior exposure to CCH.

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Guo M, Yang K, Kock ND, Daley R, Dzwierzynski W, LoGiudice J, Hettinger P, Best C, Argenta A


William W. Dzwierzynski MD Professor in the Plastic Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin
John A. LoGiudice MD Professor in the Plastic Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Dupuytren Contracture
Injections, Intralesional
Microbial Collagenase
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