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What influences public perceptions of silicone breast implants? Plast Reconstr Surg 1994 Aug;94(2):318-25; discussion 326-7



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In an effort to determine public attitude regarding breast implants in the wake of what many might consider biased media publicity, surveys of women and men in Milwaukee were made. Questionnaires appropriate to each of four groups [patients with reconstructions (n = 54), mastectomy without reconstruction (n = 14), those with augmentation mammaplasty (n = 26), and the general public (n = 60)] were administered. Some of the findings included the following: Over 98 percent had heard of the controversy; most had received their information from the media, with less than 10 percent referring to a medical journal; only 6 percent felt that the media coverage was objective, while 88 percent felt that the media were biased; almost two-thirds of those in the general population were not aware of any other method of reconstruction; and almost half that same group would have significant hesitancy in having the procedure on themselves or a family member were it indicated. In summary, our findings would substantiate the fact that the media do exert a very significant influence on the public's perception of silicone breast implants. Though most people surveyed generally consider the media biased, they still use them as the primary source for their negative conclusions on the matter. Though the media cannot be viewed as our ally in this matter, we, as a group, might be better served by minimizing conflict, which makes the whole issue less newsworthy.

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Larson DL, Anderson RC, Maksud D, Grunert BK


Rebecca C. Anderson PhD Professor in the Anesthesiology department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Brad K. Grunert PhD Professor in the Plastic Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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