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DPP4-Truncated CXCL12 Alters CXCR4/ACKR3 Signaling, Osteogenic Cell Differentiation, Migration, and Senescence ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science 13 January 2023;6(1):22-39





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Elmansi AM, Eisa NH, Periyasamy-Thandavan S, Kondrikova G, Kondrikov D, Calkins MM, Aguilar-PĂ©rez A, Chen J, Johnson M, Shi XM, Reitman C, McGee-Lawrence ME, Crawford KS, Dwinell MB, Volkman BF, Blumer JB, Luttrell LM, McCorvy JD, Hill WD


Michael B. Dwinell PhD Director, Professor in the Microbiology and Immunology department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Brian F. Volkman PhD Professor in the Biochemistry department at Medical College of Wisconsin