Medical College of Wisconsin
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Examination for the Presence of an Oligometastatic State in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Undergoing Systemic Chemotherapy. Presented at ASTRO Annual Meeting 2021. Poster.



Author List

Ortiz de Choudens, S; Visotcky, A; Banerjee,A; Aldakkak, M; Tsai, s; Evans, D; Christians, k; Clark, c; George, B; Shreenivas, A; Kamgar, M; Chakrabarti, S; Dua, k; Haq Khan, A; Erickson, B; Hall, WA


Saryleine Ortiz De Choudens MD Instructor in the Radiation Oncology department at Medical College of Wisconsin