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Comparison of methods to control floor contamination in an animal research facility. Lab Anim (NY) 2012 Oct;41(10):282-8



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The authors evaluated the effectiveness of adhesive mats, contamination control flooring, and shoe covers in decreasing the presence of microbial agents on animal holding room floors and footwear. Swab samples taken from animal holding room floors after the use of each product were compared with samples taken from rooms after no products were used. Swab samples were also taken from the heels and soles of the footwear of animal care staff before and after use of each product. The use of contamination control flooring or shoe covers significantly reduced the amount of organic material (as indicated by ATP levels measured by a luminometer) present on floors. Bacterial and ATP contamination of footwear was significantly lower after the use of shoe covers than after the use of adhesive mats or contamination control flooring, and the use of shoe covers led to a greater decrease in contamination before and after use than did use of either of the other two products. Although shoe covers were superior to both adhesive mats and contamination control flooring for decreasing contamination of animal room floors and footwear, facilities must take into account the contamination control standards required, the cost of the product, and the labor and time associated with product use when deciding which contamination control practices to implement.

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Allen KP, Csida T, Leming J, Murray K, Gauld SB, Thulin J


Kenneth Paul Allen DVM Associate Professor in the Research Office department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Joseph Thulin DVM Assistant Provost, Professor in the Research Office department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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