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A Feasibility Study to Measure Physical Activity, Fatigue, Sleep-Wake Disturbances, and Depression in Young Adults During Chemotherapy. J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol 2014 Mar 01;3(1):37-41



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Little is known about the physical activity (PA) of young adults (YAs) during cancer therapy. In this feasibility study, 14 YAs (20-34 years old) completed a six-minute walk test, recorded their steps per day for one week, and answered weekly self-reports about physical activity, fatigue, sleep-wake disturbances, and depression during one cycle of chemotherapy. Findings suggest YAs are willing to complete a PA study during chemotherapy and have variable sleep and activity schedules. Their symptoms varied in severity, with highest scores for fatigue. Studies to improve PA in YAs during chemotherapy are warranted to manage short- and long-term treatment effects.

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Erickson JM, Adelstein KE, Letzkus LC


Jeanne M. Erickson PhD, RN Associate Professor in the College of Nursing department at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee