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Massive extraocular extension and parotid lymph node metastasis of uveal melanoma. Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg 2007;23(5):430-2



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A 22-year-old man, diagnosed with unilateral glaucoma and treated with trabeculectomy 6 years earlier, presented with an epibulbar nodule of 6 months' duration. MRI displayed intra- and extraocular tumor, and gross invasion of the medial rectus muscle. Biopsy demonstrated uveal melanoma, and staging revealed enhancing ipsilateral parotid lymph nodes. Orbital exenteration and parotidectomy with selective neck dissection were performed. The tumor infiltrated superficial parotid nodes and extended into the parotid gland. The site of tumor origin is speculative, but a ring melanoma of the anterior chamber angle is suspected. Lymph node metastasis of uveal melanoma is rare; to our knowledge, this is the most advanced of the few reported cases.

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Harris MS, Harris GJ, Simons KB, Campbell BH


Bruce H. Campbell MD Professor in the Otolaryngology department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Gerald J. Harris MD Professor in the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Michael S. Harris MD Assistant Professor in the Otolaryngology department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Lymphatic Metastasis
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