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Translating Research to Practice for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Part 2: Behavior Management in Home and Health Care Settings. J Pediatr Health Care 2016;30(1):27-37



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INTRODUCTION: Managing home and health care for children with autism spectrum disorder can be challenging because of the range of symptoms and behaviors exhibited.

METHOD: This article presents an overview of the emerging science related to the methods to foster family self-management of common concerns regarding activities of daily living and behaviors, as well as for the health care provider in primary and acute health care settings.

RESULTS: Recommendations are provided to enhance the overall delivery of services, including understanding and managing a child's challenging behaviors, and supporting family management of common activities of daily living and behaviors.

DISCUSSION: Health care providers' knowledge of evidence-based recommendations for providing care, supporting family self-management of common concerns, and referral heighten the likelihood of better outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder.

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Bultas MW, Johnson NL, Burkett K, Reinhold J


Norah Johnson PhD Assistant Professor in the College ofnursing department at Marquette University

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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Child, Preschool
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