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Background, expectations and beliefs of a chiropractic student population: a cross-sectional survey. J Chiropr Educ 2012;26(2):146-60



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PURPOSE: Research encompassing the characteristics of chiropractic students is limited. The purpose of our study was to evaluate a current chiropractic student population enrolled at a chiropractic college concerning demographics, expectations, and beliefs.

METHODS: A 44-item survey was administered to volunteer participants. Direct verbal interaction in a classroom setting to potential participants was the recruitment strategy used. Data were collected and stored on a safe network. Percentages for all responses were calculated and means were recorded where appropriate.

RESULTS: A total of 664 students participated of 877 potential eligible candidates (75%). The respondents tended to be 21-25 years of age, Caucasian, and male. Most respondents expected to work in a private practice immediately following graduation and anticipated an annual income of at least $100,000 eventually. Respondents preferred the retaining of the term, "subluxation," and identified the importance of new and emerging scientific data. Additionally, respondents held the viewpoint that some non-musculoskeletal diseases can be treated effectively with spinal manipulation as a primary treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: The majority of chiropractic students in our study were represented by specific demographic characteristics, and a strong favoritism toward the expectations of working in a private practice setting and earning at least $100,000 per year at some point in their career. Distinct beliefs are shared between chiropractic students and practicing chiropractors in North America, and certain aspects of students in our study are comparable to chiropractic students in similar studies.

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Gliedt JA, Briggs S, Williams JS, Smith DP, Blampied J


Jordan Gliedt DC Assistant Professor in the Neurosurgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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