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Publications indexed to the term Fractures, Multiple

1Taxonomy of multiple rib fractures: Results of the chest wall injury society international consensus survey. (Edwards JG, Clarke P, Pieracci FM, Bemelman M, Black EA, Doben A, Gasparri M, Gross R, Jun W, Long WB, Lottenberg L, Majercik S, Marasco S, Mayberry J, Sarani B, Schulz-Drost S, Van Boerum D, Whitbeck S, White T, Chest Wall Injury Society collaborators) J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2020 Feb;88(2):e40-e45       54 Citations
1A Statewide Assessment of Rib Fixation Patterns Reveals Missed Opportunities. (Mullens CL, Seamon MJ, Shiroff A, Cannon JW, Kaplan LJ, Pascual JL, Holena DN, Martin ND) J Surg Res 2019 Dec;244:205-211       7 Citations
1A homozygous B3GAT3 mutation causes a severe syndrome with multiple fractures, expanding the phenotype of linkeropathy syndromes. (Jones KL, Schwarze U, Adam MP, Byers PH, Mefford HC) Am J Med Genet A 2015 Nov;167A(11):2691-6       40 Citations