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Publications indexed to the term Cordotomy

1Percutaneous Cordotomy for Pain Palliation in Advanced Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study Protocol. (Viswanathan A, Vedantam A, Williams LA, Koyyalagunta D, Abdi S, Dougherty PM, Mendoza T, Bassett RL, Hou P, Bruera E) Neurosurgery 2020 Aug 01;87(2):394-402       4 Citations
1Magnetic Resonance-Based Radiomic Analysis of Radiofrequency Lesion Predicts Outcomes After Percutaneous Cordotomy: A Feasibility Study. (Vedantam A, Hassan I, Kotrotsou A, Hassan A, Zinn PO, Viswanathan A, Colen RR) Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown) 2020 Jun 01;18(6):721-727    
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